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I'm not much help. I looked through the business license info and didn't see anything.

From: Lauren Palmer
Sent: Monday, July 27, 2015 1:07 PM
To: Melissa McChesney
Cc: Nan Johnston - Personal Email
Subject: CID email address


I'm trying to compile all email addresses for the POTMCID members. Do you have any of these? If not, can you help me track them down? Perhaps we can call the numbers on their business licenses or see if we can pull them from cc's on past meeting notice emails? Nan, do you have any of these?



Dave Williams - ? I'm not sure Dave has an e-mail address. I don't have one in his business license info.

Mark Bentley -

Tom Hutsler -

John Kuhns - ? I have his old HMS Beagle e-mail but don't imagine he still has it.

Debbie Worley - ?

Nick Casale -

Jeff Cunningham -

Mark Gould - ? I have his wife's e-mail from their business but not his.

Ken Wilson - ?

Lauren Palmer, ICMA-CM

City Administrator

City of Parkville

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