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I have a video ready, but I'm not sure how to send it. It's too large to email. I've copied Erik Bergrud on this. He will know.

Sent: Thursday, September 10, 2020 7:52 PM
To: Nan Johnston
Subject: Re: Park College Class of 1970 Virtual Reunion

Wow! This is amazing! We live out in the country, but think of Parkville as our hometown. So proud of all you have done - and plan to do!

Thank you for letting us share.


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    Attached is the recent presentation I made to Northland Neighborhoods. I think some of your classmates will be quite surprised to see how much has changed!

    From: Nan Johnston
    Sent: Thursday, September 10, 2020 4:44 PM
    To: 'maryec'
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    Subject: RE: Park College Class of 1970 Virtual Reunion


    Here are links to some interesting news stories. I'll send the presentation in a separate email, but I'm not sure if it will go through - some servers don't allow files that large. I will record a greeting and forward that along to you as well. Hope this helps!

    Nan 179-170-xxxx 6957

    From: maryec
    Sent: Wednesday, September 9, 2020 9:32 AM
    To: Nan Johnston
    Subject: RE: Park College Class of 1970 Virtual Reunion

    Nan, thanks so much! We are frantically trying to put this all together, just rwo of us with no experience, so we appreciate any help we can get! I know our classmates will be amazed by what is happening today in Parkville!

    Just send me what you've got and we'll plug it in to the event schedule!

    Again, thank you so very much.


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    From: Nan Johnston

    Date: 9/9/20 9:23 AM (GMT-06:00)


    Subject: RE: Park College Class of 1970 Virtual Reunion

    Hi Mary!

    You may use anything from our website.

    There are also a couple of great news features you can use - feel free to edit for length. I will get those links and send to you.

    I just did an update to Northland Neighborhoods - I will send you the presentation, which outlines many of our latest development and parks projects.

    I'll also shoot a short welcome video and get that to you too.

    I hope you are well. It's so nice to hear from you.


    Sent: Friday, September 4, 2020 2:28 PM
    To: Nan Johnston
    Subject: Park College Class of 1970 Virtual Reunion

    Good afternoon, Mayor Johnston,

    Erik Bergrud of Park University has been copying me on your correspondence regarding the Park College Class of 1970 request for a ``greetings video clip for our Virtual Reunion on September 17 - 19. It was a great disappointment to have to postpone our gathering for a full year, but we're trying to make the best of it.

    We've had a Facebook group for about nine months and have been sharing memories and news of the reunion. We've also been sharing how Park campus and Parkville have changed, especially since some of our classmates have not been back here in fifty years. I would like your permission to use selective items from the Parkville city government website to post to our FB group during our reunion and later. One example would be the short article about the wetlands project, dated 4 March 2020. You can't possibly imagine how different Parkville is today from what most of us remember. We are happy to show her off, and we are also encouraging people to schedule additional time to visit the community when they come for the postponed reunion in September of 2021.

    Also, if you have any appropriate short videos promoting Parkville that you would like us to share with our classmates during the Virtual Reunion, we would be very happy to do so. We're trying hard to recreate, as much as possible, the experience of coming ``home to Park and Parkville that we have missed due to COVID. Anything you have that can help us let them visit from their armchairs at home would be greatly appreciated.

    Please send any messages or video clips to or . Thank you for your consideration, and in advance for making our virtual reunion so welcoming.

    Mary E. Celeste

    Co-Class Agent, Park College Class of 1970 Reunion

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