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Very helpful David. Thank you for your time and sharing your thoughts and experience.

I appreciate everyone's input!!

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On Feb 2, 2015, at 6:01 PM, David Jones wrote:

Roxsen, Eric, Mayor, Kari, and Lauren

Thank you for pulling us together today. Eric, as always thank you for being such a great host. I know you all have worked with something like this- attached is the format I use for my leaders. As a rough draft, thought, or just a place to get started I attached a balanced score card with goals that I have seen in the past or some of the current chambers/EDC I belong to. I just tossed some goals (some may not make sense or not what you want). The purpose is more to start, identify the goals and the director (not person specific) will fill out the results. It is important this is not Greg specific. Whoever is in the roles the goals do not change (always can be amended), but it is about results not the person. The goals are measured monthly. If the director has a red or yellow an action plan or explanation should come with the score card. If goals not met, filled out or action plans not attached that says something as well. You can amend this to a 60 day balanced scorecard if this is the direction you decide to go. Again, this is just a tool to get started, so feel free to use or delete.

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As you will see I use a stop light color system:

Color Code: Negative

Within 5% of Goal



<Parkville Score Card.xlsx>