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Debbie -

I have not been contacted by Mr. Maki, his Attorney, or the Auditor's office concerning a citizen petition audit. We will comment once contacted.



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From: Debbie Topi

Date: 10/21/19 10:55 AM (GMT-06:00)

To: Joe Parente

Subject: city and Mo. auditor


I'm writing an article about Citizens for a Better Parkville and their contact with the Missouri auditor's office. Jason Maki said he and the citizens' group and his attorneys have contacted the city to ask them to request the Missouri Auditor's office investigate the city's financial decisions regarding the Creekside Development.

Has the city received a letter or other communication from Maki and his attorneys, asking the city to request an audit?

I have emails in which Nan Johnston said she would not only welcome an audit, but, also had requested city staff make inquiry with the auditor's office to get the process started.

Has city staff inquired with the auditor's office about an audit?

Maki said the city is trying to make the issue about the city's budgeting process. But, he said their concern is with the $52.7 million in tax incentives the city has awarded Brian Mertz for the Creekside Development. Can you please respond?

I'm on deadline, so, need to hear from you by the end of the day today.

Thank you,

Debbie Topi

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