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Department Heads,

We have a motor failure in the HVAC system at city hall that is limiting air flow to the Board Room only. The HVAC repair is expected to take all day tomorrow, which means most of city hall will continue to be without AC. Due to a projected high temperature tomorrow of 96 degrees, the mayor and I agreed to close city hall tomorrow in accordance with Section D-12 of the Personnel Manual (see below).

Melissa, please post the appropriate notices on social media and at the entrances to city hall, and please adjust the voice mail message for the phone system.

Most of our supervisory employees are able to work remotely, so we will do our best to keep up with emails and workflow from alternate locations. Please let me know if you have any questions.



D-12. Emergency or Inclement Weather Closures of City Hall

If the City Administrator, in consultation with the Mayor, decides to close City Hall, certain classifications of employees are required to report for duty in order to perform essential services (i.e., Police and Public Works). Departments that provide these essential services will schedule employees accordingly. Essential employees will be compensated at their regular rate of pay for actual hours worked.

Non-essential full-time or part-time personnel will be compensated at their regular rate of pay for any scheduled hours of work during the period of time(s) City Hall remains closed. Compensation at the employee's regular rate of pay during emergency or inclement weather closings is considered gratuitous, and is not a requirement. This gratuitous compensation will not be counted towards total hours worked, and is therefore excluded from calculating hours for overtime, compensatory time or other leave purposes. Non-essential part-time and seasonal personnel will not be compensated during closures of City Hall.

Employees will be notified of the decision to close City Hall via the City's Facebook page. In addition, supervisors will attempt to contact each subordinate via telephone and/or email.

Lauren Palmer, ICMA-CM

City Administrator

City of Parkville

8880 Clark Avenue

Parkville, MO 64152