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From: Steve Foutch steve@redacted.com
Sent: Saturday, March 28, 2020 1:06 PM
To: cook@redacted.com ; Joe Parente JParente@parkvillemo.gov
Subject: Parking lot contract

Per the attached I have highlighted all 4 areas that state $350k will be paid for this parking lot. Nowhere does it say ``up to. ``not to exceed means just that, but it doesn't mean ``up to. I also just sent over the revised spreadsheets of your cost calculations. By my new estimates the total hard and soft cost of the south lot/city parking lot is at or near $435k. So we really need to stop arguing over nickels and dimes and get this paid first thing Monday morning so I can get others paid who are in desperate need of the funding.

Joe: do you need my lien waiver, or from Level Builders, or from the subs? We have the lien waivers from the subs as part of the draw request, which may be a month in arrears and/or until they get paid. But my lien waiver to the city and CID is what I would think is critical since I am the guarantor of the project and funding. The bank already has copies of all the subs' lien waivers via their funding process.


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