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To this date there have been no official site layouts proposed or submitted to the City by the Dalmark group. Similar to the northwest quadrant (i.e., Woodriver Crossing), the only thing we have is a big box retail concept plan for the Dalmark property as shown on the cover page of the attached VVIII Standards PDF. The Dalmark property (38.12 acres, more or less) is currently zoned County "PI" Planned Industrial District since it has not been rezoned since being annexed into the City of Parkville in the early 2000s. It would have to be rezoned to a City district in order for a development permit to be approved, and our Parkville Master Plan, Future Land Use Map shows land uses for this property compatible with the following zoning districts:

· "B-1" Neighborhood Business District

· "B-2" General Business District

· "B-4-P" Planned Business District

· "R-4" Mixed-Density Residential

· "R-5" Multi-Family Residential

Another thing to note is that the Dalmark property has architectural covenants on it (recorded and certified by Platte County, Mo.), which require specific performance levels, architectural codes, design review, architectural ordinances, and comprehensive design standards (see attached PDF). Looking at the document, the covenants can only be amended by a written agreement by the owners of at least 75% of the square footage of the property and with the consent of the Declarant (i.e., Vertical Ventures II, Inc.) If the Declarant no longer owns any portion of the property, the Declarant's consent isn't required.

The City permits the filling of Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA); this requires submittal of a Floodplain Development Permit/Application to the City (see attached PDF). Additionally, state or federal permits (e.g., Section 404 permit) may be needed based on the extent of the fill; followed by a Conditional Letter of Map Revision based on Fill (CLOMR-F) permit in order to officially amend the boundary of the SFHA shown on the adopted FEMA FIRM map. These require coordination through FEMA and I'm not sure the timeline associated with each federal permit.

You are correct that the adopted plan for 45 Park Place from 2008 has expired. The property is currently zoned "R-4-P" Mixed-Density Residential and the table below shows the permitted building types and density requirements; however, these requirements can be modified per a new master planned development proposal per our ``-P master planned district designation allowance.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Thank you.

Stephen Lachky, AICP, CFM

Community Development Director | City of Parkville

8880 Clark Ave. | Parkville, MO 64152

t. 816-741-xxxx | slachky@parkvillemo.gov