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Another Suggestion ID: 1931Mayor Nan Johnston - Personal Email2018-09-12
Answers ID: 13302Mayor Nan Johnston2017-08-02
Apa Missouri Retreat Materials And Agenda ID: 11767Hilary Perkins2018-01-17
Apbp Webinar Safety Manuals - The Good Stuff 7 18 18 ID: 11766Canderson@marc.org2018-07-03
Apbp Webinar Safety Manuals - The Good Stuff 7 18 18 Marc ID: 11765Canderson@marc.org2018-07-17
Apex Development Signage ID: 11764Mike Kellam2017-09-05
Apex Easements Thousand Oaks 22nd Plat ID: 11763Melissa McChesney2018-06-06
Apex Grading Plans ID: 11762Alysen Abel2018-04-26
Apex ID: 11687Scott Cargill2017-02-16
Apex ID: 2001Mayor Nan Johnston2017-04-24
Apex Incentives ID: 1294Nathan Bevelle2018-08-30
Apex Plans ID: 11761Shakedra Knight2018-04-17
Apex Plaza - Fire Hydrant Locations ID: 11746Stephen Lachky2017-04-05
Apex Plaza - Lot 4 Comments ID: 7608Stephen Lachky2018-07-20
Apex Plaza - Lot 4 Site Development Plans ID: 7604Stephen Lachky2018-07-18
Apex Plaza - Phase 1 And Mo-45 Highway Improvement Plans ID: 11742Brock Worthley2018-09-12
Apex Plaza - Phase 1 ID: 11743Brock Worthley2018-04-13
Apex Plaza - Preliminary Development Plan ID: 11741Stephen Lachky2017-04-28
Apex Plaza - Tis ID: 11740Kim S. Jackson2017-05-09
Apex Plaza - Traffic Impact Study ID: 11739Stephen Lachky2017-04-13
Apex Plaza Addresses ID: 11738Stephen Lachky2018-09-04
Apex Plaza Alternate Stormwater Option ID: 11760Beth Drissell2018-10-11
Apex Plaza Application For Zoning Map Revision ID: 11737Shakedra Knight2017-05-02
Apex Plaza Approved Application And Ordinance ID: 11736Shakedra Knight2017-06-19
Apex Plaza Bella Vista Stormwater Requirements ID: 11759Beth Drissell2018-02-14
Apex Plaza Conservation Easement Signatures ID: 7558Stephen Lachky2018-06-06
Apex Plaza Contractor Contact Information ID: 7551Stephen Lachky2018-06-01
Apex Plaza Coordinator ID: 7550Stephen Lachky2018-06-01
Apex Plaza Detention Issue ID: 11758Beth Drissell2018-08-29
Apex Plaza Development - 3d Renderings ID: 11732Kim S. Jackson2017-05-09
Apex Plaza Development - Acreage ID: 11731Kim S. Jackson2017-06-19
Apex Plaza Development - Drainage Study ID: 11730Kim S. Jackson2017-06-08
Apex Plaza Development - Firetruck Specifications Followup ID: 11729Kim S. Jackson2017-03-22
Apex Plaza Development - Preliminary Storm Drainage Study Review ID: 11728Kim S. Jackson2017-06-20
Apex Plaza Development - Submittal ID: 11727Kim S. Jackson2017-03-03
Apex Plaza Development - Tis Requirements ID: 11726Kim S. Jackson2017-03-09
Apex Plaza Final Development Plans ID: 11723Brock Worthley2018-03-26
Apex Plaza Final Development Plans ID: 7460Stephen Lachky2018-03-26
Apex Plaza Final Development Plans Phase 1 ID: 7475Stephen Lachky2018-04-09
Apex Plaza Follow-up ID: 11721Stephen Lachky2018-05-25
Apex Plaza Follow-up ID: 7494Stephen Lachky2018-04-11
Apex Plaza Following Up ID: 11757Beth Drissell2018-09-19
Apex Plaza ID: 11698Brock Worthley2018-03-19
Apex Plaza ID: 11747Brock Worthley2018-04-02
Apex Plaza ID: 11748Alysen Abel2018-10-19
Apex Plaza ID: 11749Peggy Burns-yocum2017-03-28
Apex Plaza ID: 11750Kim S. Jackson2017-04-10
Apex Plaza ID: 11751Kim S. Jackson2017-04-10
Apex Plaza ID: 11752Alysen Abel2017-04-14
Apex Plaza ID: 11753Nathan Bevelle2018-08-06
Apex Plaza ID: 2545Paul Giarratana2018-09-12
Apex Plaza Lot 1 ID: 11720Brock Worthley2018-03-29
Apex Plaza Lots 1 And 4 Review Comments ID: 11718Stephen Lachky2018-03-29
Apex Plaza Lots 1 And 4 Review Comments ID: 7467Stephen Lachky2018-03-29
Apex Plaza Mass Grading Site Disturbance Plans ID: 7535Stephen Lachky2018-05-18
Apex Plaza Meeting Request ID: 11756Beth Drissell2018-10-11
Apex Plaza Meeting With Modot ID: 11755Beth Drissell2018-10-02
Apex Plaza Memo ID: 11716Stephen Lachky2016-03-04
Apex Plaza Plan Reviews ID: 11715Brock Worthley2018-08-13
Apex Plaza Replat ID: 11713Stephen Lachky2018-04-09
Apex Plaza Replat ID: 7480Stephen Lachky2018-04-09
Apex Plaza Replat Of Lot 2 Replat ID: 11714Brandon Hollinberger2018-04-20
Apex Plaza Request For Pre-app Meeting Re Plat And Site Infrastructure Plans ID: 11712John Davis2018-02-02
Apex Plaza Review Comments 2 ID: 11711Stephen Lachky2017-04-04
Apex Plaza Review Comments ID: 11709Stephen Lachky2017-03-10
Apex Plaza Review Comments ID: 7221Stephen Lachky2017-03-10
Apex Plaza Review Letter ID: 11708Dave Mennenga2017-04-27
Apex Plaza Revisions ID: 2556Brock Worthley2018-06-25
Apex Plaza Rezoning And Preliminary Development Plan ID: 11707Stephen Lachky2017-03-01
Apex Plaza Site Development Plans ID: 11706Brock Worthley2018-03-26
Apex Plaza Stormwater Bmps ID: 11754Beth Drissell2018-02-28
Apex Plaza Tis 1 ID: 11705Stephen Lachky2017-05-09
Apex Plaza Tis 2 ID: 11704Stephen Lachky2017-05-09
Apex Plaza Tis 3 ID: 11703Stephen Lachky2017-05-10
Apex Plaza Update ID: 11702Stephen Lachky2018-05-07
Apex Plaza Updated Lot 1 And 4 Fdps ID: 11701Brock Worthley2018-04-06
Apex Plaza Water Main Tap ID: 11700John Hlade2018-10-24
Apex Plaza- Parkville ID: 11699Paul Giarratana2018-06-04
Apex Policy Report Ready For Review ID: 11697Stephen Lachky2017-05-11
Apex Pre-review Meeting ID: 11696Stephen Lachky2017-03-07
Apex Preliminary Stormwater Study ID: 11695Stephen Lachky2017-06-22
Apex Protest Petitions ID: 11694Shakedra Knight2017-05-10
Apex Review ID: 11693Stephen Lachky2018-05-04
Apex Rezone Follow Up ID: 11692Shakedra Knight2017-05-02
Apex Site Plan ID: 11691Steven L. Youngblood2017-05-04
Apex Site Plans ID: 11690Alysen Abel2018-05-16
Apex Stormwater Report ID: 11689Alysen Abel2018-05-17
Apex Tif Application Property Owner Consent Forms ID: 11688John Davis2017-09-12
Application For Annexation ID: 7191Stephen Lachky2018-02-08
Application For Car Lot On 45 Highway Withdrawn ID: 11686Sean Ackerson2015-09-25
Application For Rezoning And Site Plan Approval For Lake Pointe Lodge ID: 6672Sean Ackerson2015-02-20
Application For Vacation - Nw 70th Terrace ID: 6869Stephen Lachky2017-03-08
Application Submission Deadline For Bella Vista ID: 6558Stephen Lachky2016-06-24
Appointment Application - Michael Lee ID: 1762Melissa McChesney2018-03-26
Appointment Application ID: 1293Melissa McChesney2016-10-03
Appraisal For Sw Quadrant I-435 And Hwy 45 ID: 7190Stephen Lachky2018-06-27
Approval For Thousand Oaks 16th 19th And Cider Mill Ridge 7th Plats ID: 6653Stephen Lachky2018-11-06
Approval Of Case No. Pz17-13 ID: 6956Stephen Lachky2017-07-14
Approvals ID: 724Beverly Passantino2018-10-02
Approved Application Ordinance ID: 11685Shakedra Knight2018-11-28
Approved Application Ordinance ID: 7189Shakedra Knight2017-11-08
Approved Documents ID: 11684Melissa McChesney2016-07-07
Approved Documents ID: 6466Melissa McChesney2016-09-07
April 11 2019 Boe Meeting ID: 14086Dorene Disbrow2019-04-08
April 11 2019 Boe Meeting ID: 14090Dorene Disbrow2019-04-01
April 11th Planning Commission Meeting Packet ID: 6892Shakedra Knight2017-04-10
April 11th Pz Commission Mtg ID: 11683Shakedra Knight2017-04-03
April 3rd Schedule ID: 11682Melissa McChesney2018-03-28
April Mml Webinars ID: 6571Melissa McChesney2017-03-22
April Personal Property Assessment Adjustments ID: 14084Dorene Disbrow2019-05-07
April Planning Commission Meeting ID: 11681Shakedra Knight2018-04-02
April Planning Commission Packet - Part 1 ID: 7188Shakedra Knight2018-04-05
Archival Photos. ID: 11680Carolyn Elwess2018-11-19
Area Calculations For Protest Petitions ID: 801Stephen Lachky2018-10-22
Area Calculations For Protest Petitions ID: 802Stephen Lachky2018-10-22
Asfpm 2017 - Tour And Flood Stage Thresholds ID: 6851Brian T Rast2017-01-19
Assessors Questionnaire To Churches And Nonprofits ID: 14072Dagmar Wood2018-12-19
Assignment ID: 427Stephen Lachky2018-06-22
Assignments For The Remainder Of The Week ID: 6932Stephen Lachky2017-06-05
At-risk Building Permit ID: 6546Stephen Lachky2016-04-15
Att Fiber Crew ID: 11678Alderman Diane Driver - Personal Email2015-05-23
Att Fiber In English Landing ID: 11677Lauren Palmer2015-08-14
Att Fiber In Parkville ID: 11676Alysen Abel2018-09-07
Att Fiber Work ID: 11675Michael G Chambers2018-08-22
Att In English Landing ID: 11674Alysen Abel2015-08-14
Att On Main Street ID: 12513Sean Ackerson2015-06-16
August 11 2014 Finance Committee Meeting Cancelled ID: 12123Melissa McChesney2014-08-05
August 21st Work Session 630 P.m. ID: 11673Melissa McChesney2018-08-14
August 3rd Edc Presentation ID: 11672Mike Kellam2016-07-25
August Bza Meeting Packet ID: 6987Shakedra Knight2017-08-17
August Volunteer Meeting ID: 11671Joe Ryan2018-08-26
Automatic Reply 435 45 Development ID: 11670Stephen Lachky2018-10-10
Automatic Reply 45 435 Development ID: 11669James Hare2018-09-06
Automatic Reply 45 And 435 Development...parkville Voter ID: 1865Teresa Donnici2018-09-29
Automatic Reply Apex Plaza Detention Issue ID: 11668Brian Forquer2018-08-29
Automatic Reply Att Fiber In Parkville ID: 11666Darrin Welch2018-09-07
Automatic Reply Att Fiber In Parkville ID: 11667Zachary M Zupan2018-09-07
Automatic Reply Development Proposal- 435 45 Hwy ID: 11665Stephen Lachky2018-10-10
Automatic Reply Fw Se Corner Up Coming Meeting Oct 30 2018 Regarding 45 435 Development ID: 11664Stephen Lachky2018-10-20
Automatic Reply I-435 45 Highway Development ID: 11663Stephen Lachky2018-10-12
Automatic Reply I-435 Development ID: 11660Stephen Lachky2018-09-18
Automatic Reply I-435 Development Proposals - Public Hearings Webpage ID: 11661Michael Wright2018-08-20
Automatic Reply I-435 Development Proposals - Public Hearings Webpage ID: 11662Michael Wright2018-08-20
Automatic Reply No For Creekside Development ID: 11659Stephen Lachky2018-10-12
Automatic Reply No To Massive Development At 435 45hwy ID: 11658Stephen Lachky2018-10-10
Automatic Reply Oppose The Tacky 45 435 Development ID: 11657James Hare2018-09-06
Automatic Reply Opposed To The Massive Development On The 435 45 Corner ID: 11656Stephen Lachky2018-10-15
Automatic Reply Parkville Old Towne Market Community Improvement District 2015 Annual Report ID: 2760Melissa McChesney2016-03-07
Automatic Reply Petition To Stop Insane 45 435 Development ID: 11655James Hare2018-09-06
Automatic Reply Potmcid Letter ID: 13539Melissa McChesney2018-03-12
Automatic Reply Your Schedule ID: 11654Stephen Lachky2018-09-18
Autoturn Movements For Lake Pointe Lodge ID: 6579Stephen Lachky2017-04-28
Autoturn Movements ID: 6580Stephen Lachky2017-05-03
Availability Thursday Morning ID: 11653Stephen Lachky2017-03-28
Ball Field Contract Question ID: 11651Anna Mitchell2018-08-13
Bank Liberty ID: 1292Brad Kleindl2018-03-21
Banneker School Foundation Annual Breakfast ID: 11650Melissa McChesney2018-02-07
Banners For Downtown Parkville Street Lights ID: 1467Main Street Parkville Assc2018-06-04
Banners Program ID: 11649Tim Blakeslee2016-04-20
Barb Wassmers Comments ID: 579Dean Katerndahl2018-10-05
Bark ID: 2174Mayor Nan Johnston2018-08-07
Barth Development At K ID: 6528Mayor Nan Johnston2018-09-10
Baseball Complex - 435 ID: 426Joe Parente2018-06-04
Beach Courts - Maintenance Schedule ID: 11648Michael Talamantes2018-08-14
Beach Vb - Timeline ID: 11647Michael Talamantes2018-09-07
Bella Vist Apts. Timeline ID: 6557Stephen Lachky2016-06-20
Bella Vista Apartments Site Plan-digital Copy ID: 6467Mike Kellam2016-10-14
Bella Vista At The National 1 ID: 6804Stephen Lachky2016-10-14
Bella Vista At The National 2 ID: 6805Stephen Lachky2016-10-14
Bella Vista At The National 3 ID: 6806Stephen Lachky2016-10-14
Bella Vista At The National ID: 6827Stephen Lachky2016-12-12
Bella Vista Deadlines ID: 6759Stephen Lachky2016-06-20
Bella Vista Financing ID: 6451Lauren Palmer2016-06-16
Bella Vista ID: 6458Lauren Palmer2016-06-20
Bella Vista ID: 6542Stephen Lachky2016-04-12
Bella Vista Information Request ID: 7186Shakedra Knight2018-10-16
Bella Vista Property Contact Info. ID: 6641Stephen Lachky2018-06-12
Bella Vista Townehomes At The National ID: 7011Stephen Lachky2017-09-20
Bella Vista. Parkville Mo. ID: 7187Kevin Blair2018-06-01
Benesch - Work Authorization 1 ID: 11646Bonnie Buckmaster2018-07-24
Bentley Guitars Owner ID: 1466Stephen Lachky2018-08-03
Beyond The Loop - Initial Alternatives Open House ID: 11644Platte County EDC2018-03-12
Beyond The Loop Tag Meeting ID: 11645Stephen Lachky2017-03-22
Bi-weekly Meeting Next Monday ID: 1291Mike Kellam2017-06-30
Bike Walk Kc ID: 1464Mike Carney2018-02-07
Bike Walk Kc ID: 1465Mike Carney2018-02-05
Bike-ped Meeting Packet - September 12 2018 ID: 11643Jermain Whitmore2018-09-05
Bill Number Assignments ID: 13594Melissa McChesney2018-04-26
Bio ID: 2387Mayor Nan Johnston2018-10-15
Bird Scooters ID: 11642Alderman Tina Welch - Personal Email2018-08-28
Bms Logistics Leases 432000 Sf At Kci Intermodal Businesscentre ID: 11641Platte County EDC2017-08-21
Bnsf Contact ID: 11640Mike Kellam2016-02-24
Boa Agenda Items Ready For Packet ID: 7185Stephen Lachky2018-11-02
Boa Consent Agenda Item ID: 6441Stephen Lachky2016-03-28
Boa Item 5a Ready For Review ID: 11638Stephen Lachky2017-04-24
Boa Item ID: 11639Stephen Lachky2017-05-12
Boa Item Ready For Review ID: 6618Stephen Lachky2017-10-27
Boa Items From Community Development Dept. ID: 6434Stephen Lachky2016-03-07
Boa Items ID: 6432Stephen Lachky2016-03-03
Boa Items Ready For Review ID: 6584Stephen Lachky2017-05-31
Boa Items Ready For Review ID: 6616Stephen Lachky2017-10-11
Boa Minutes 02-16-2016 ID: 6714Emily Crook2016-02-24
Boa Policy Report - Moaw Annexation ID: 6561Stephen Lachky2016-09-01
Boa Work Session Item Ready ID: 11637Stephen Lachky2016-11-22
Board Agenda ID: 13646Melissa McChesney2018-07-11
Board Meeting - Potmcid Slate ID: 13813Melissa McChesney2018-12-18
Board Meeting Agenda ID: 11636Nathan Bevelle2018-03-28
Board Meeting Update ID: 13543Joe Parente2018-03-15
Board Of Alderman Strategic Planning Worksheet ID: 11635Joe Parente2017-07-31
Board Of Alderman Strategic Planning Workshop ID: 11634Joe Parente2017-05-30
Board Of Aldermen Agenda Packet 11 21 17 ID: 7184Melissa McChesney2017-11-17
Board Of Aldermen Contact Information ID: 11633Stephen Lachky2018-08-31
Board Of Aldermen Contact Information ID: 425Stephen Lachky2018-08-31
Board Of Aldermen Meeting Packets 10 16 18 ID: 7183Melissa McChesney2018-10-12
Board Of Aldermen Meeting Packets 5 6 14 ID: 6662Melissa McChesney2014-05-02
Board Of Aldermen Packet 1 16 18 ID: 7182Melissa McChesney2018-01-12
Board Of Aldermen Packet 1 17 17 ID: 6850Melissa McChesney2017-01-12
Board Of Aldermen Packet 1 2 18 ID: 7181Melissa McChesney2017-12-29
Board Of Aldermen Packet 1 3 17 ID: 6838Melissa McChesney2016-12-29
Board Of Aldermen Packet 1 5 16 ID: 11625Melissa McChesney2015-12-31
Board Of Aldermen Packet 1 6 15 ID: 11632Melissa McChesney2015-01-02
Board Of Aldermen Packet 10 17 17 ID: 7180Melissa McChesney2017-10-13
Board Of Aldermen Packet 10 18 16 ID: 6803Melissa McChesney2016-10-14
Board Of Aldermen Packet 10 2 18 ID: 7179Melissa McChesney2018-09-28
Board Of Aldermen Packet 10 20 15 ID: 11631Melissa McChesney2015-10-16
Board Of Aldermen Packet 10 3 17 ID: 7178Melissa McChesney2017-09-29
Board Of Aldermen Packet 10 4 16 ID: 6796Melissa McChesney2016-09-30
Board Of Aldermen Packet 10 6 15 ID: 11630Melissa McChesney2015-10-02
Board Of Aldermen Packet 11 1 16 ID: 6808Melissa McChesney2016-10-28
Board Of Aldermen Packet 11 15 16 ID: 6814Melissa McChesney2016-11-10
Board Of Aldermen Packet 11 17 15 ID: 11629Melissa McChesney2015-11-13
Board Of Aldermen Packet 11 2 15 ID: 11628Melissa McChesney2015-10-30
Board Of Aldermen Packet 11 20 18 ID: 7177Melissa McChesney2018-11-16
Board Of Aldermen Packet 11 6 18 - Part 2 Item 4f ID: 7176Melissa McChesney2018-11-02
Board Of Aldermen Packet 11 6 18 - Part 3 Items 4g-4i ID: 7175Melissa McChesney2018-11-02
Board Of Aldermen Packet 11 6 18 - Part 4 Item 4j ID: 7174Melissa McChesney2018-11-02
Board Of Aldermen Packet 11 6 18 - Part 5 Items 4k-4n ID: 7173Melissa McChesney2018-11-02
Board Of Aldermen Packet 11 7 17 ID: 7172Melissa McChesney2017-11-03
Board Of Aldermen Packet 12 15 15 ID: 11626Melissa McChesney2015-12-11
Board Of Aldermen Packet 12 16 14 ID: 11627Melissa McChesney2014-12-12
Board Of Aldermen Packet 12 17 13 ID: 6656Melissa McChesney2013-12-13
Board Of Aldermen Packet 12 19 17 ID: 7171Melissa McChesney2017-12-15
Board Of Aldermen Packet 12 20 16 ID: 6832Melissa McChesney2016-12-16
Board Of Aldermen Packet 12 3 13 ID: 6655Melissa McChesney2013-11-27
Board Of Aldermen Packet 12 5 17 ID: 7170Melissa McChesney2017-12-01
Board Of Aldermen Packet 12 6 16 ID: 6820Melissa McChesney2016-12-02
Board Of Aldermen Packet 2 16 16 ID: 11623Melissa McChesney2016-02-12
Board Of Aldermen Packet 2 18 14 ID: 6657Melissa McChesney2014-02-14
Board Of Aldermen Packet 2 2 16 ID: 6712Melissa McChesney2016-01-29
Board Of Aldermen Packet 2 20 18 ID: 7169Melissa McChesney2018-02-16

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