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Mayor and Board,

Tonight the Planning & Zoning Commission will consider an application for Thousand Oaks - 20th Plat, Final Plat. You may recall that a related rezoning was approved by the Planning & Zoning Commission (P&Z) and subsequently the Board of Aldermen last summer for 43.3 acres from County ``AG to City ``R-3 Single-Family Residential. Around the same time, the preliminary plat was approved by P&Z through a separate process from the rezoning. The final plat is now coming before P&Z for final acceptance of the right-of-way and easements. Pending approval tonight, final action is planned for the Board of Aldermen on May 17.

At the public hearing last summer, concerns and opposition were expressed by county residents living on Meyers Circle and NW 66th Terrace (in person at the meeting and via email correspondence prior to the meeting). Generally, concerns regarded the loss of the wooded character of the parcels, abutting property owners' beliefs that the parcels would remain undeveloped, and expected financial, traffic and utility impacts. The developer agreed to review and attempt to address the concerns, but the rezoning was approved without conditions. Any concessions made by the developer are outside of the review process for the final plat.

Staff notified all of the neighbors who spoke at the public hearing or provided public comments about tonight's meeting. So far none of the residents have contacted staff. I just wanted to let you know based on the public input from last summer. Stephen will provide additional information in the policy report if/when the item is advanced to the Board for consideration.