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07-30-18 Pw Staff Meeting ID: 2549Bonnie Buckmaster2018-07-30
08-13-18 Pw Staff Meeting ID: 2550Bonnie Buckmaster2018-08-13
09-10-18 Pw Staff Meeting ID: 2551Bonnie Buckmaster2018-09-11
12022 Nw 70th Terrace ID: 6855Stephen Lachky2017-02-01
2 017-xxxx Parkville Business License ID: 6921Melissa McChesney2017-05-24
2 018-xxxx Parkville Business License ID: 7200Melissa McChesney2018-05-17
2016 Tif Report For Market Place Tif ID: 7294Stephen Lachky2017-11-07
2017 Annual Report To Secretary Of State Cover Letter.pdf ID: 3020POTMCID2017-01-01
2017 Hay Harvest Bid ID: 6877Shakedra Knight2017-03-21
2017 Hay Harvest Bid ID: 6878Shakedra Knight2017-03-21
2017.01.05 Ltr To Mayor Johnston Regarding Alternative Date Slate Of Directors.pdf ID: 3028POTMCID2017-01-05
2017.01.27 Letter To City Draft.pdf ID: 3025POTMCID2017-01-27
2017.01.27 Letter To City-cr.pdf ID: 3026POTMCID2017-01-27
2017.01.27 Letter To City.pdf ID: 3027POTMCID2017-01-27
2017.03.09 Letter For Nominations.pdf ID: 3036POTMCID2017-03-09
2017.03.09 Letter To City.pdf ID: 3037POTMCID2017-03-09
2017.03.27 Letter For Nominations.pdf ID: 3039POTMCID2017-03-27
2017.03.27 Letter To City.pdf ID: 3040POTMCID2017-03-27
2017.04.10 Letter For Nominations.pdf ID: 3042POTMCID2017-04-10
2017.04.10 Letter To City.pdf ID: 3043POTMCID2017-04-10
2017.04.27 Letter For Nominations.pdf ID: 3045POTMCID2017-04-27
2017.04.27 Letter To City.pdf ID: 3046POTMCID2017-04-27
2017.05.12 Letter For Nominations.pdf ID: 3051POTMCID2017-05-12
2017.05.12 Letter To City.pdf ID: 3052POTMCID2017-05-12
2017.05.26 Letter For Nominations.pdf ID: 3054POTMCID2017-05-26
2017.05.26 Letter To City.pdf ID: 3055POTMCID2017-05-26
2017.06.09 Letter For Nominations.pdf ID: 3057POTMCID2017-06-09
2017.06.09 Letter To City.pdf ID: 3058POTMCID2017-06-09
2017.06.23 Letter For Nominations.pdf ID: 3060POTMCID2017-06-23
2017.06.23 Letter To City.pdf ID: 3061POTMCID2017-06-23
2017.07.07 Letter For Nominations.pdf ID: 3063POTMCID2017-07-07
2017.07.07 Letter To City.pdf ID: 3064POTMCID2017-07-07
2017.07.24 Letter For Nominations.pdf ID: 3067POTMCID2017-07-24
2017.07.24 Letter To City.pdf ID: 3068POTMCID2017-07-24
2017.08.07 Letter For Nominations.pdf ID: 3072POTMCID2017-08-07
2017.08.07 Letter To City.pdf ID: 3073POTMCID2017-08-07
2017.08.25 Parente Letter Re Sales Tax.pdf ID: 3075POTMCID2017-08-25
2017.08.28 Letter For Nominations.pdf ID: 3076POTMCID2017-08-28
2017.08.28 Letter To City.pdf ID: 3077POTMCID2017-08-28
2017.09.19 Letter For Nominations.pdf ID: 3082POTMCID2017-09-19
2017.09.19 Letter To City.pdf ID: 3083POTMCID2017-09-19
2017.10.05 Letter For Nominations.pdf ID: 3085POTMCID2017-10-05
2017.10.05 Letter To City.pdf ID: 3086POTMCID2017-10-05
2017.10.20 Letter For Nominations.pdf ID: 3088POTMCID2017-10-20
2017.10.20 Letter To City.pdf ID: 3089POTMCID2017-10-20
2017.11.03 Letter For Nominations.pdf ID: 3091POTMCID2017-11-03
2017.11.03 Letter To City.pdf ID: 3092POTMCID2017-11-03
2017.11.20 Letter For Nominations.pdf ID: 3094POTMCID2017-11-20
2017.11.20 Letter To City.pdf ID: 3095POTMCID2017-11-20
2018 Community Development Dept. Goals ID: 6623Stephen Lachky2018-01-18
2018 Pga Championship In Mo ID: 1301Nathan Bevelle2018-08-02
2018 Projections Draft.xlsx ID: 7010Paul Giarratana2017-09-19
2018.01.29 Letter For Nominations.pdf ID: 3101POTMCID2018-01-29
2018.01.29 Letter To City.pdf ID: 3102POTMCID2018-01-29
2018.02.26 City Of Parkville Re Grant Request For Downtown Infrastrcture.pdf ID: 3104POTMCID2018-02-26
2018.03.08 Letter For Nominations.pdf ID: 3108POTMCID2018-03-08
2018.03.08 Letter To City.pdf ID: 3109POTMCID2018-03-08
2018.03.23 Letter For Nominations.pdf ID: 3113POTMCID2018-03-23
2018.03.23 Letter To City.pdf ID: 3114POTMCID2018-03-23
2018.04.09 Letter For Nominations.pdf ID: 3115POTMCID2018-04-09
2018.04.09 Letter To City.pdf ID: 3116POTMCID2018-04-09
2018.04.23 Letter For Nominations.pdf ID: 3117POTMCID2018-04-23
2018.04.23 Letter To City.pdf ID: 3118POTMCID2018-04-23
2018.05.07 Letter For Nominations.pdf ID: 3119POTMCID2018-05-07
2018.05.07 Letter To City.pdf ID: 3120POTMCID2018-05-07
2018.05.24 Letter For Nominations.pdf ID: 3121POTMCID2018-05-24
2018.05.24 Letter To City.pdf ID: 3122POTMCID2018-05-24
2018.06.11 Letter For Nominations.pdf ID: 3125POTMCID2018-06-11
2018.06.11 Letter To City.pdf ID: 3126POTMCID2018-06-11
2018.06.29 Letter For Nominations.pdf ID: 3130POTMCID2018-06-29
2018.06.29 Letter To City.pdf ID: 3131POTMCID2018-06-29
2018.07.16 Letter For Nominations.pdf ID: 3132POTMCID2018-07-16
2018.07.16 Letter To City.pdf ID: 3133POTMCID2018-07-16
2018.08.06 Letter For Nominations.pdf ID: 3134POTMCID2018-08-06
2018.08.06 Letter To City.pdf ID: 3135POTMCID2018-08-06
2018.08.24 Letter For Nominations.pdf ID: 3137POTMCID2018-08-24
2018.08.24 Letter To City.pdf ID: 3138POTMCID2018-08-24
2018.09.10 Letter For Nominations.pdf ID: 3140POTMCID2018-09-10
2018.09.10 Letter To City.pdf ID: 3141POTMCID2018-09-10
2018.09.24 Letter For Nominations.pdf ID: 3145POTMCID2018-09-24
2018.09.24 Letter To City.pdf ID: 3146POTMCID2018-09-24
2018.10.12 Letter For Nominations.pdf ID: 3148POTMCID2018-10-12
2018.10.12 Letter To City.pdf ID: 3149POTMCID2018-10-12
2018.11.15 Letter For Nominations.pdf ID: 3151POTMCID2018-11-15
2018.11.15 Letter To City.pdf ID: 3152POTMCID2018-11-15
2018.11.29 Letter Requesting City Representative For Cid Board.pdf ID: 3156POTMCID2018-11-29
2018.12.03 Letter For Nominations.pdf ID: 3157POTMCID2018-12-03
2018.12.03 Letter To City.pdf ID: 3158POTMCID2018-12-03
2018.12.14 Letter For Nominations.pdf ID: 3162POTMCID2018-12-14
2018.12.14 Letter To City.pdf ID: 3163POTMCID2018-12-14
2nd Annual Parkville Edc Economic Summit ID: 1300Stephen Lachky2017-08-03
4 Minutes ID: 13809Melissa McChesney2018-12-13
435 Development Proposal ID: 2195Mayor Nan Johnston2018-08-20
435 ID: 442Mayor Nan Johnston2018-08-30
435 Public Input ID: 443Mayor Nan Johnston - Personal Email2018-09-06
435 Traffic Study ID: 446Brad Stanton2018-06-27
45 Development Updates ID: 723Nathan Bevelle2018-10-09
45 Facebook Posts ID: 2566Alderman Brian Whitley - Personal Email2018-09-18
45 Hwy ID: 454Stephen Lachky2018-04-25
45 Hwy ID: 455Brian Mertz2018-04-12
45 Parcel Question ID: 728Alderman Philip Wassmer - Personal Email2018-10-22
7-16-18 Pw Meeting Info ID: 2548Bonnie Buckmaster2018-07-17
7th Plat Of Cider Mill Ridge ID: 6503Rodney And Beverly Rein2017-11-06
7th Plat Of Cider Mill Ridge ID: 6620Jon Miller2017-11-07
7th Plat Of Cider Mill Ridge Meeting ID: 6504James Pasley2017-11-07
99.7 ID: 1914Mayor Nan Johnston - Personal Email2017-04-03
A Better Parkville ID: 2454Joshua Webber2018-10-15
A Better Parkville ID: 2539Joshua Webber2018-10-15
A Couple Of Items ID: 11804Dean Katerndahl2017-05-10
A Few Last Changes ID: 439Stephen Lachky2018-09-06
A Note Of Thanks From Our Chairman ID: 11802Platte County EDC2017-11-20
A Quick Thank You ID: 11801Cindy Anderson2018-08-31
Abby Thomas - Looking For Property For Flower Business ID: 6644Stephen Lachky2018-07-20
Accepted 435 Site Plan Review ID: 831Meeting Request2018-10-14
Accepted Creekside Development Meeting ID: 438Meeting Request2018-09-17
Accepted I-435 Development Review Meeting Parkville City Hall 8880 Clark Ave Parkville Mo 64152 ID: 430Patricia Jensen2018-08-16
Accepted I-435 Development Review Meeting Parkville City Hall 8880 Clark Ave Parkville Mo 64152 ID: 431Patricia Jensen2018-07-26
Accepted I-435 Development Review Meeting Parkville City Hall 8880 Clark Ave Parkville Mo 64152 ID: 432Meeting Request2018-07-26
Accepted I-435 Development Review Meeting Parkville City Hall 8880 Clark Ave Parkville Mo 64152 ID: 433Patricia Jensen2018-08-06
Accepted I-435 Development Review Meeting Parkville City Hall 8880 Clark Ave Parkville Mo 64152 ID: 434Meeting Request2018-08-06
Accepted I-435 Development Review Meeting Parkville City Hall 8880 Clark Ave Parkville Mo 64152 ID: 435Kellee R. Madinger2018-08-08
Accepted I-435 Development Review Meeting Parkville City Hall 8880 Clark Ave Parkville Mo 64152 ID: 436Kellee R. Madinger2018-08-16
Accepted I-435 Development Review Meeting Parkville City Hall 8880 Clark Ave Parkville Mo 64152 ID: 437Meeting Request2018-08-16
Accepted Parkville Development Timeline Meeting Parkville City Hall 8880 Clark Ave Parkville Mo ID: 429Patricia Jensen2018-07-20
Access Off Mo-45 Hwy In Parkville Mo. ID: 11800Stephen Lachky2017-03-28
Access Off Mo-hwy 9 Into Apex Plaza Parkville Mo. ID: 11799Stephen Lachky2017-03-23
Accounts Payable - Park University ID: 1295Joe Parente2018-02-15
Acres ID: 440Brian Mertz2018-05-29
Addendum No. 2 ID: 11797Stephen Lachky2017-05-01
Additional Public Comments - Cider Mill 7th Plat ID: 7199Melissa McChesney2017-11-07
Additional Public Comments ID: 11796Melissa McChesney2018-10-26
Additional Sales Tax ID: 13823Melissa McChesney2018-07-26
Additional Tract X Questions ID: 11795Nathan Bevelle2018-06-19
Address 2017 ID: 14001Nancy Armstrong2018-07-31
Address ID: 13228Mayor Nan Johnston2017-06-12
Address Lookup ID: 11794Shakedra Knight2018-09-04
Addresses ID: 6940Platte County2017-06-20
Administrative Memo Ref I435 Project Presentation To Alderman - Should We Set Several Days Of Hearing In Any Notices ID: 572Alderman Dave Rittman - Personal Email2018-10-11
Administrative Plat Examples ID: 7198Stephen Lachky2018-09-21
Administrative Staff Meeting Updates ID: 6931Stephen Lachky2017-06-05
Adopted Pzc Minutes ID: 6959Shakedra Knight2017-07-17
Affidavit Consenting To Creekside Commercial Old Town At Creekside ID: 11792Stephen Lachky2018-08-27
Affidavit Consenting To Creekside Commercial Old Town At Creekside ID: 428Stephen Lachky2018-08-27
Affidavit Of Ownership - Charles And Regina Moore ID: 11791Stephen Lachky2017-05-08
Agenda For Bill Grigsby Statue Dedication On June 22 ID: 1468Peggy Parolin2017-06-21
Agenda For Wednesdays Meeting ID: 11790Dean Katerndahl2018-10-01
Agenda ID: 11787Shakedra Knight2018-09-11
Agenda Parkville Edc Feb 7 2018.docx ID: 11789Brad Kleindl2018-01-17
Agenda Parkville Edc March 7 2018.docx ID: 11788Brad Kleindl2018-02-26
Agendas ID: 729Shakedra Knight2018-10-03
Agreement Updates ID: 11785Anna Mitchell2018-08-16
Alcohol In Parks ID: 13252Melissa McChesney2017-07-12
Alderman Heaton Resignation ID: 2101Mayor Nan Johnston2017-12-13
Aldermen Addresses ID: 11783Melissa McChesney2017-07-07
Aldermen Addresses ID: 7556Stephen Lachky2018-06-06
Allen Way R-4 Info The National ID: 7197Paul Giarratana2017-10-30
Als Bar Grill Chosen As Parkvilles Community Development Award Recipient ID: 11784Melissa McChesney2018-10-24
Alternate Cul-de-sac Design ID: 7006Stephen Lachky2017-09-13
Amanda Dobbins Also Replied To Her Comment On City Of Parkville Mos Post. ID: 11781Facebook2018-09-13
Amanda Dobbins Commented On City Of Parkville Mos Post. ID: 11780Facebook2018-09-13
Amended Board Of Aldermen Meeting Agenda 10 16 18 ID: 11779Melissa McChesney2018-10-15
Amended Board Of Aldermen Packet 10 17 17 ID: 7196Melissa McChesney2017-10-16
Amended Board Of Aldermen Packet 10 2 18 ID: 7195Melissa McChesney2018-10-02
Amended Board Of Aldermen Packet 10 3 17 ID: 7194Melissa McChesney2017-10-02
Amended Board Of Aldermen Packet 4 4 17 ID: 6888Melissa McChesney2017-04-03
Amended Board Of Aldermen Packet 5 16 17 ID: 6919Melissa McChesney2017-05-16
Amended Board Of Aldermen Packet 7 18 17 ID: 6960Melissa McChesney2017-07-17
Amended Board Of Aldermen Packet 8 7 18 ID: 7193Melissa McChesney2018-08-06
Amended Finance Committee Packet 2 16 18 ID: 7192Melissa McChesney2018-02-14
Amended Work Session Packet 1 17 17 ID: 11778Melissa McChesney2017-01-12
And 435 Development...parkville Voter ID: 2365Mayor Nan Johnston2018-09-29
And Hw 45 Development Questions Concerns ID: 2537Teresa Donnici2018-10-08
Annexation Plan ID: 6527Mayor Nan Johnston2018-08-21
Annexation Question Follow-up ID: 6621Stephen Lachky2017-11-17
Annexation Question ID: 11777Stephen Lachky2018-09-26
Annexation Question ID: 6647Stephen Lachky2018-09-20
Annexation Question ID: 6649Stephen Lachky2018-09-20
Annual Joint Luncheon Of The Northland ID: 11774Platte County EDC2017-09-07
Annual Joint Luncheon Of The Northland ID: 11775Platte County EDC2017-09-07
Annual Joint Luncheon Of The Northland ID: 11776Platte County EDC2017-09-07
Annual Legislative Joint Luncheon ID: 11773Platte County EDC2018-06-14
Annual Legislative Update - Next Week ID: 11772Jenny Johnston2018-06-14
Annual Legislative Update - Please Rsvp ID: 11771Jenny Johnston2018-06-08
Annual Legislative Update - Tomorrow ID: 11770Jenny Johnston2018-06-18
Annual Report ID: 11769Tim Blakeslee2017-02-28
Another Location Request ID: 11768Nathan Bevelle2018-07-10
Another Potmcid Slate Submittal ID: 13087Mayor Nan Johnston2017-01-09
Another Quick Question ID: 13768Debbie Topi2018-11-26
Another Suggestion ID: 1931Mayor Nan Johnston - Personal Email2018-09-12
Answers ID: 13302Mayor Nan Johnston2017-08-02
Apa Missouri Retreat Materials And Agenda ID: 11767Hilary Perkins2018-01-17
Apbp Webinar Safety Manuals - The Good Stuff 7 18 18 ID: 11766Canderson@marc.org2018-07-03
Apbp Webinar Safety Manuals - The Good Stuff 7 18 18 Marc ID: 11765Canderson@marc.org2018-07-17
Apex Development Signage ID: 11764Mike Kellam2017-09-05
Apex Easements Thousand Oaks 22nd Plat ID: 11763Melissa McChesney2018-06-06
Apex Grading Plans ID: 11762Alysen Abel2018-04-26
Apex ID: 11687Scott Cargill2017-02-16
Apex ID: 2001Mayor Nan Johnston2017-04-24
Apex Incentives ID: 1294Nathan Bevelle2018-08-30
Apex Plans ID: 11761Shakedra Knight2018-04-17
Apex Plaza - Fire Hydrant Locations ID: 11746Stephen Lachky2017-04-05
Apex Plaza - Lot 4 Comments ID: 7608Stephen Lachky2018-07-20
Apex Plaza - Lot 4 Site Development Plans ID: 7604Stephen Lachky2018-07-18
Apex Plaza - Phase 1 And Mo-45 Highway Improvement Plans ID: 11742Brock Worthley2018-09-12
Apex Plaza - Phase 1 ID: 11743Brock Worthley2018-04-13
Apex Plaza - Preliminary Development Plan ID: 11741Stephen Lachky2017-04-28
Apex Plaza - Tis ID: 11740Kim S. Jackson2017-05-09
Apex Plaza - Traffic Impact Study ID: 11739Stephen Lachky2017-04-13
Apex Plaza Addresses ID: 11738Stephen Lachky2018-09-04
Apex Plaza Alternate Stormwater Option ID: 11760Beth Drissell2018-10-11
Apex Plaza Application For Zoning Map Revision ID: 11737Shakedra Knight2017-05-02
Apex Plaza Approved Application And Ordinance ID: 11736Shakedra Knight2017-06-19
Apex Plaza Bella Vista Stormwater Requirements ID: 11759Beth Drissell2018-02-14
Apex Plaza Conservation Easement Signatures ID: 7558Stephen Lachky2018-06-06
Apex Plaza Contractor Contact Information ID: 7551Stephen Lachky2018-06-01
Apex Plaza Coordinator ID: 7550Stephen Lachky2018-06-01
Apex Plaza Detention Issue ID: 11758Beth Drissell2018-08-29
Apex Plaza Development - 3d Renderings ID: 11732Kim S. Jackson2017-05-09
Apex Plaza Development - Acreage ID: 11731Kim S. Jackson2017-06-19
Apex Plaza Development - Drainage Study ID: 11730Kim S. Jackson2017-06-08
Apex Plaza Development - Firetruck Specifications Followup ID: 11729Kim S. Jackson2017-03-22
Apex Plaza Development - Preliminary Storm Drainage Study Review ID: 11728Kim S. Jackson2017-06-20
Apex Plaza Development - Submittal ID: 11727Kim S. Jackson2017-03-03
Apex Plaza Development - Tis Requirements ID: 11726Kim S. Jackson2017-03-09
Apex Plaza Final Development Plans ID: 11723Brock Worthley2018-03-26
Apex Plaza Final Development Plans ID: 7460Stephen Lachky2018-03-26
Apex Plaza Final Development Plans Phase 1 ID: 7475Stephen Lachky2018-04-09
Apex Plaza Follow-up ID: 11721Stephen Lachky2018-05-25
Apex Plaza Follow-up ID: 7494Stephen Lachky2018-04-11
Apex Plaza Following Up ID: 11757Beth Drissell2018-09-19
Apex Plaza ID: 11698Brock Worthley2018-03-19
Apex Plaza ID: 11747Brock Worthley2018-04-02
Apex Plaza ID: 11748Alysen Abel2018-10-19
Apex Plaza ID: 11749Peggy Burns-yocum2017-03-28
Apex Plaza ID: 11750Kim S. Jackson2017-04-10
Apex Plaza ID: 11751Kim S. Jackson2017-04-10
Apex Plaza ID: 11752Alysen Abel2017-04-14
Apex Plaza ID: 11753Nathan Bevelle2018-08-06
Apex Plaza ID: 2545Paul Giarratana2018-09-12
Apex Plaza Lot 1 ID: 11720Brock Worthley2018-03-29
Apex Plaza Lots 1 And 4 Review Comments ID: 11718Stephen Lachky2018-03-29
Apex Plaza Lots 1 And 4 Review Comments ID: 7467Stephen Lachky2018-03-29
Apex Plaza Mass Grading Site Disturbance Plans ID: 7535Stephen Lachky2018-05-18
Apex Plaza Meeting Request ID: 11756Beth Drissell2018-10-11
Apex Plaza Meeting With Modot ID: 11755Beth Drissell2018-10-02
Apex Plaza Plan Reviews ID: 11715Brock Worthley2018-08-13
Apex Plaza Replat ID: 11713Stephen Lachky2018-04-09
Apex Plaza Replat ID: 7480Stephen Lachky2018-04-09
Apex Plaza Replat Of Lot 2 Replat ID: 11714Brandon Hollinberger2018-04-20
Apex Plaza Request For Pre-app Meeting Re Plat And Site Infrastructure Plans ID: 11712John Davis2018-02-02

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