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SubjectSenderSent on
1 Board Agenda ID: 33705Alysen Abel2016-10-25
10 Finance Meeting ID: 19542Alderman Marc Sportsman - Personal Email2019-06-05
10 Finance Minutes ID: 31022Melissa McChesney2016-10-19
10-06-16 Hwy 45 Closure Update ID: 39147Lauren Palmer2016-10-07
10-10-16 Finance Agenda ID: 38562Lauren Palmer2016-10-05
10-20-15 ID: 38379Lauren Palmer2015-10-13
10-24-16 Finance Committee Agenda ID: 28528Lauren Palmer2016-10-18
10k Map ID: 36529Tim Blakeslee2015-08-18
11 16 Clarb Packet Steering Committee Materials ID: 38320Tim Blakeslee2016-05-09
11 Finance Committee Meeting Attendance ID: 20702Melissa McChesney2017-09-07
11-14-16 Agenda - Planning Zoning Commission ID: 23595Shakedra Knight2016-11-07
11-17-15 Exec Session ID: 37006Lauren Palmer2015-11-11
11-17-15 Packet ID: 38134Lauren Palmer2015-11-11
11-23-15 Finance Agenda ID: 29616Lauren Palmer2015-11-17
11-9-15 Finance Agenda ID: 35680Lauren Palmer2015-10-20
12 18 ID: 24956Melissa McChesney2018-01-12
12-15-15 Agenda ID: 34492Lauren Palmer2015-12-09
12-15-15 Packet ID: 37647Lauren Palmer2015-12-09
12022 Nw 70th Terrace ID: 6855Stephen Lachky2017-02-01
13 Finance Minutes ID: 29806Melissa McChesney2016-06-23
1346 Main - Virginia Ground Property ID: 20009Kevin L. Chrisman2018-05-08
14 2018 Clarb Packet ID: 25326Anna Mitchell2018-11-09
14 Clarb Agenda - Modified ID: 33367Jan Davis2015-10-06
15 Board Meeting ID: 32593Melissa McChesney2015-09-04
15 Minutes Ready To Review ID: 28948Melissa McChesney2016-03-31
15049me001.doc ID: 38278jfreshnock@redacted.com2015-07-06
17 17- Pedc Executive Committee Meeting Agenda ID: 16944Mike Kellam2017-05-10
19 15 Board Agenda ID: 33333Melissa McChesney2015-05-12
19 17- Pedc Executive Committee Meeting Agenda ID: 16941Mike Kellam2017-07-12
19 17- Pedc Executive Committee Meeting Agenda ID: 16952Mike Kellam2017-04-12
19 Appointments ID: 30857Melissa McChesney2016-04-13
19 Minutes For Review ID: 31325Melissa McChesney2015-05-27
19 Staff Update ID: 28272Melissa McChesney2016-01-13
1st Budget Work Session ID: 30838Lauren Palmer2015-10-15
1st Meeting In January 2019 Rescheduled ID: 20949Melissa McChesney2018-12-07
2 018-xxxx Parkville Business License ID: 24937Melissa McChesney2018-07-01
2 18 Draft Agenda ID: 24744Melissa McChesney2017-12-27
2-23-15 Finance Committee ID: 30961Lauren Palmer2015-02-12
20 17- Pedc Executive Committee Meeting Agenda ID: 16937Mike Kellam2017-09-15
20 Work Session ID: 39940Melissa McChesney2016-09-02
2008 Audit ID: 32373Melissa McChesney2015-05-12
2010 Downtown Traffic And Pedestrian Study ID: 19166Alderman Philip Wassmer - Personal Email2019-03-11
2014 Fewson Fund Report ID: 30772Lauren Palmer2016-07-11
2015 Audit ID: 37904Lauren Palmer2016-06-24
2015 Audit Update ID: 32425Lauren Palmer2015-12-03
2015 Budget ID: 39290Melissa McChesney2015-11-12
2015 Chamber Award Nominations ID: 29365Marsha Vandever2015-11-09
2015 Pavement Marking Program ID: 22188eplan@redacted.com2015-08-11
2015 Street Maintenance Program Rebid ID: 22187eplan@redacted.com2015-05-06
2016 Budget Worksheets ID: 39432Tim Blakeslee2015-07-31
2016 Call For Projects Application ID: 28429Lauren Palmer2016-03-14
2016 Call For Projects ID: 30973Alysen Abel2015-12-08
2016 Cip Worksheet ID: 36441Tim Blakeslee2015-07-31
2016 Goals ID: 31762Lauren Palmer2016-01-05
2016 Icma Conference Volunteer Sign Up ID: 29754Stephen Lachky2016-06-24
2016 Marc 20th Annual Regional Assembly ID: 37668Melissa McChesney2016-05-27
2016 Parks Capital Outlay Projections ID: 33552Lauren Palmer2016-10-19
2016 Parks Master Plan ID: 25028Bonnie Buckmaster2017-01-18
2016 Parkville Commons Tif Report November 15th Deadline ID: 23594Stephen Lachky2017-11-03
2016 Streets Division Memo ID: 33177Alysen Abel2015-10-10
2016 Tif Report For Market Place Tif ID: 23593Stephen Lachky2017-11-07
2016 Tif Report For Parkville Commons ID: 23592Stephen Lachky2017-10-31
2017 Budget Calendar ID: 38712Lauren Palmer2016-06-28
2017 Budget ID: 36341Melissa McChesney2016-09-02
2017 Budget Worksheets ID: 31716Tim Blakeslee2016-07-19
2017 Cip Worksheet ID: 34740Tim Blakeslee2016-07-19
2017 Community Developemnt Dept. Budget ID: 31036Stephen Lachky2016-09-02
2017 Permit Revenue Projections ID: 39678Stephen Lachky2016-06-09
2018 Black White Gala Confirmation ID: 19558Melissa McChesney2018-01-02
2018 Budget Work Sessions ID: 20014Melissa McChesney2017-10-31
2018 Draft Budget ID: 25965Anna Mitchell2018-02-07
2018 Gallery Of Trees Rsvp Confirmation ID: 20076Melissa McChesney2018-11-20
2018 Landmark Ncaa Bracket Challenge ID: 18120Stephen Lachky2018-03-13
2018 Parkville Chamber Black White Gala ID: 20757Melissa McChesney2017-12-06
2019 Chamber Black White Gala Confirmation ID: 20964Melissa McChesney2019-01-17
2019 Nws Storm Spotter Training Platte County ID: 19794Kevin L. Chrisman2019-01-10
21 17- Pedc Executive Committee Meeting Agenda ID: 16943Mike Kellam2017-06-14
21 Agenda ID: 30079Melissa McChesney2015-04-15
21 Finance ID: 37559Melissa McChesney2015-11-09
27 Ws Minutes ID: 38480Melissa McChesney2015-10-29
2nd Budget Work Session Powerpoint ID: 32187Lauren Palmer2015-10-27
2nd Reading - Cidar Mill ID: 33834Lauren Palmer2016-03-30
2nd Reading Motion ID: 28921Tim Blakeslee2015-10-27
2nd Review - Legal Services ID: 34904Lauren Palmer2016-05-31
2nd Review For Finance Packet ID: 35916Lauren Palmer2015-03-24
3 Agenda ID: 37356Melissa McChesney2016-04-27
3 Board Minutes - For Review ID: 38325Melissa McChesney2015-03-06
3 Minutes Review ID: 28518Melissa McChesney2016-05-12
41 ID: 17481Jon Ranger2019-12-24
41 ID: 18119Jon Ranger2019-12-24
435 Area ID: 16958Mike Kellam2017-12-07
435 Sw Corner ID: 29926Mayor Nan Johnston2016-10-24
45 Development Updates ID: 723Nathan Bevelle2018-10-09
45 Facebook Posts ID: 2566Alderman Brian Whitley - Personal Email2018-09-18
45 Highway Corridor Interest ID: 16951Sandra Knoernschild2016-11-03
45 Hwy ID: 11839Stephen Lachky2018-04-25
45 Hwy ID: 454Stephen Lachky2018-04-25
45 Parcel Question ID: 18998Alderman Philip Wassmer - Personal Email2018-10-22
4th Of July Celebration Event Information ID: 21032Melissa McChesney2019-07-01
4th Of July Fireworks ID: 23590Dale Brouk2017-11-14
4th Of July Parade ID: 19669Mayor Nan Johnston2019-06-25
4th Of July Public Input Volunteer Request ID: 33886Tim Blakeslee2016-06-20
4th Of July Volunteer Schedule ID: 33188Tim Blakeslee2016-06-23
5 16 Documents ID: 28118Melissa McChesney2016-01-06
5 16 Minutes ID: 29022Melissa McChesney2016-01-12
5 And 10k Certification ID: 31786Mayor Nan Johnston - Personal Email2015-06-17
5-10-17 Clarb Packet ID: 23728Tim Blakeslee2017-05-08
5-10-17 Clarb Packet ID: 24865Tim Blakeslee2017-05-08
5517 Foxhill Road ID: 18432Alderman Tina Welch - Personal Email2018-08-28
5521 Oakdale Pl ID: 32513Alysen Abel2015-09-09
5921 Bell Road ID: 35787Alysen Abel2015-04-01
5k Thank You ID: 37317Alysen Abel2015-07-07
5th Amendment To The Ecrs ID: 23589Dale Brouk2017-10-23
6 Agenda ID: 36900Melissa McChesney2015-10-05
6 Boa Agenda ID: 34322Alysen Abel2015-09-25
6 Board Packet ID: 36853Melissa McChesney2015-09-28
6 Minutes Review ID: 30749Melissa McChesney2015-10-15
6295 Edgewater ID: 36634Alysen Abel2015-10-21
6316 Highway 9 North Ref No. 87484-17 ID: 22087sackerson@redacted.com2015-09-16
6316 Highway 9 North Ref No. 87484-17 ID: 22088sackerson@redacted.com2015-09-16
6407 Nw Graden Rd. Telecommunications Tower ID: 29647Stephen Lachky2016-05-27
6park Release Draft ID: 16942Nathan Bevelle2018-11-15
6th St. Vacation ID: 18888Stephen Lachky2019-04-18
6th Street Vacation ID: 18884Stephen Lachky2019-03-22
7 Agenda ID: 32864Melissa McChesney2015-04-01
7 Boa ID: 36658Alysen Abel2015-06-30
7 Finance Minutes ID: 35168Melissa McChesney2016-03-24
7 Minutes ID: 37593Melissa McChesney2016-06-16
7 Minutes To Review ID: 39595Melissa McChesney2015-04-14
7 Packet ID: 37785Alysen Abel2016-05-31
7-5 Packet ID: 28733Lauren Palmer2016-06-30
7-5-16 Agenda ID: 33197Lauren Palmer2016-06-30
7002 Waters Edge Driveway ID: 39291Alysen Abel2015-12-14
76th St. Bridge ID: 35993Lauren Palmer2016-09-19
76th Street Bridge ID: 33718Alysen Abel2016-09-22
8-1-17 Boa Packet ID: 23920Bonnie Buckmaster2017-07-28
8-1-17 Board Packet ID: 25373Bonnie Buckmaster2017-07-28
8-16 Meeting ID: 33578Alderman Diane Driver - Personal Email2016-08-12
8-18-15 ID: 36323Lauren Palmer2015-08-07
8-18-15 Packet ID: 39431Lauren Palmer2015-08-13
8904 And 8908 Tom Watson Pkwy Properties ID: 36451Stephen Lachky2016-03-30
9-15-15 Packet ID: 39601Lauren Palmer2015-09-11
9hwy Closed ID: 18118Alison Russo2019-04-19
A Better Parkville ID: 2454Joshua Webber2018-10-15
A Better Parkville ID: 2539Joshua Webber2018-10-15
A Couple Of Questions... ID: 18117The Citizen News Desk2019-01-04
A Couple Of Questions... ID: 21813The Citizen News Desk2019-01-04
A Couple Sewer Questions ID: 20248Alderman Philip Wassmer - Personal Email2019-05-15
A Question About Your Press Article Community Policing At Its Finest ID: 17478Kelly Nolan2019-01-21
A Thank You With Cookies ID: 30249Kevin L. Chrisman2015-09-10
Aauw ID: 38042Mayor Nan Johnston - Personal Email2015-09-14
Ac Back On At City Hall ID: 31759Lauren Palmer2015-07-14
Ac ID: 33814Tim Blakeslee2015-07-13
Ac Out At City Hall ID: 37457Lauren Palmer2015-07-13
Ac Repair - Wwtp ID: 31719Alysen Abel2015-04-07
Accepted 435 Site Plan Review ID: 831Meeting Request2018-10-14
Accepted Arbor Day Celebration ID: 19193Alderman Philip Wassmer - Personal Email2019-04-12
Accepted Board Of Aldermen Strategic Planning Retreat ID: 20273Alderman Philip Wassmer - Personal Email2019-06-07
Accepted Creekside Development Meeting ID: 438Meeting Request2018-09-17
Accepted Geotech Placement ID: 19131Alderman Philip Wassmer - Personal Email2018-12-05
Accepted Holiday Party ID: 19119Alderman Philip Wassmer - Personal Email2018-11-16
Accepted Meeting With Kcpl - Bluffs Neighborhood ID: 19723Alderman Philip Wassmer - Personal Email2019-07-02
Accepting Streets ID: 38076Melissa McChesney2015-04-14
Access License ID: 36023North Hills Engineering2015-05-28
Accident On Main ID: 39501Alysen Abel2016-08-24
Accidental Deletion ID: 39184Lauren Palmer2016-07-06
Acm Ordinance ID: 38326Lauren Palmer2015-11-24
Act Now Need Public Comments On Route 9 Grant Application ID: 36597Lauren Palmer2016-04-01
Acting President ID: 35962Melissa McChesney2015-04-21
Action 41 News ID: 28238Alysen Abel2016-07-19
Active Shooter Training ID: 18530Alderman Tina Welch - Personal Email2018-11-14
Ad-hoc Standing ID: 37246Melissa McChesney2016-04-07
Ada Parking ID: 37810Alysen Abel2016-09-30
Add-on Item ID: 34130Melissa McChesney2015-08-12
Addendum 1 -Rfq Low Water Crossing ID: 16914Bonnie Buckmaster2018-01-03
Addendum 1 Rfq Low Water Crossing ID: 16915Bonnie Buckmaster2018-01-04
Addendum With Nates Additions ID: 16913Nathan Ellermann2018-01-03
Additional Help ID: 29027Melissa McChesney2016-09-27
Additional Public Comments - Cider Mill 7th Plat ID: 23939Melissa McChesney2017-11-07
Additional Water Comments ID: 36014Mayor Nan Johnston - Personal Email2015-06-17
Adh Hitch Signature ID: 16912Stephen Lachky2016-11-07
Adh ID: 30444Alysen Abel2016-07-13
Admin Budget Meeting Follow Up ID: 38079Tim Blakeslee2016-09-20
Admin Cip Item ID: 35797Lauren Palmer2015-10-05
Administration Board Committees ID: 39257Melissa McChesney2015-12-29
Administrative Memo Ref I435 Project Presentation To Alderman - Should We Set Several Days Of Hearing In Any Notices ID: 572Alderman Dave Rittman - Personal Email2018-10-11
Administrative Plat Examples ID: 7198Stephen Lachky2018-09-21
Adobe Pro Standard For Emily ID: 37596Tim Blakeslee2016-06-01
Adopt A Highway ID: 23886Mayor Nan Johnston2018-06-08
Adopted Pzc Minutes ID: 16911Shakedra Knight2017-07-17
Adopted Pzc Minutes ID: 23565Shakedra Knight2016-12-12
Agenda Change ID: 35135Lauren Palmer2016-04-15
Agenda Changes ID: 38218Lauren Palmer2016-04-28
Agenda Deadlines ID: 35949Melissa McChesney2015-11-23
Agenda For Bill Grigsby Statue Dedication On June 22 ID: 23866Peggy Parolin2017-06-21
Agenda ID: 31513Lauren Palmer2015-04-30
Agenda ID: 31603Melissa McChesney2015-02-27
Agenda ID: 31982Melissa McChesney2015-04-16
Agenda ID: 33320Melissa McChesney2015-05-26
Agenda ID: 35085Lauren Palmer2015-01-15
Agenda Item - 9-21-15 ID: 38826Lauren Palmer2015-08-24
Agenda Item 4e ID: 30736Sean Ackerson2015-09-23
Agenda Item 4h - Exterior Modifications ID: 32169Sean Ackerson2015-10-20
Agenda Item 4j ID: 35735Sean Ackerson2015-10-28
Agenda Item 5d ID: 33224Sean Ackerson2015-10-28
Agenda Item For Tracking ID: 28616Lauren Palmer2015-12-01
Agenda Item ID: 30170Melissa McChesney2015-07-14
Agenda Item ID: 34800Melissa McChesney2015-06-10
Agenda Item ID: 35381Lauren Palmer2015-03-26
Agenda Item ID: 39805Lauren Palmer2015-05-27
Agenda Item Updates ID: 34168Sean Ackerson2015-01-28
Agenda Items ID: 31389Lauren Palmer2016-04-11
Agenda Items ID: 37233Lauren Palmer2015-08-17
Agenda Items Update ID: 30968Sean Ackerson2015-11-24
Agenda Packet For Board Planning Work Session - July 18 2016 ID: 36473Lauren Palmer2016-07-08
Agenda Packet ID: 30723Melissa McChesney2015-04-17
Agenda Packet Materials - Week Of February 3-9 2015 ID: 31739Melissa McChesney2015-02-06
Agenda Updates Following Meeting With Mayor ID: 39011Lauren Palmer2015-10-29
Agenda Updates ID: 37738Melissa McChesney2015-11-24
Agendas ID: 729Shakedra Knight2018-10-03
Agnes June Otjen Trust Property ID: 11786Stephen Lachky2016-06-06
Agreement ID: 33124Alysen Abel2015-10-15
Air Bnbs ID: 20568Mayor Nan Johnston2019-07-30
Airport ID: 16908Mayor Nan Johnston2017-05-03
Alan Hoambrecker Contact For Brink Meyer Rd. Improvements Notice ID: 31333Lauren Palmer2015-06-01
Alan Hoambrecker Contact Info ID: 28087Lauren Palmer2016-09-20
Alans Vacation ID: 35249Alysen Abel2016-03-18
Alderman Kevin Heaton ID: 24377Kevin L. Chrisman2017-12-20
Alderman Lamer ID: 38338Mayor Nan Johnston - Personal Email2015-08-07
Alderman Orientation ID: 28320Melissa McChesney2016-04-12
Alderman Resignation ID: 36696Melissa McChesney2015-10-20
Alderman Transition Checklist ID: 39828Melissa McChesney2015-04-13
Alderman Vacancy ID: 31691Lauren Palmer2015-08-04
All Items For The Finance Packet Are Ready ID: 34035Lauren Palmer2015-06-25
All Season Roofing Sign ID: 28291Stephen Lachky2016-10-05
All Season Roofing Sign Update ID: 30281Stephen Lachky2016-10-05
All Seasons Roofing Sign ID: 31842Stephen Lachky2016-05-17
Alliance Contract ID: 33255Alysen Abel2016-07-05
Am On A Work Day Ff Hwy ID: 18444Alderman Tina Welch - Personal Email2018-09-06
Amazon ID: 16906Joe Parente2017-09-08
Amended Board Of Aldermen Meeting Agenda 10 16 18 ID: 19270Melissa McChesney2018-10-15
Amended Board Of Aldermen Packet 10 17 17 ID: 24538Melissa McChesney2017-10-16
Amended Board Of Aldermen Packet 10 2 18 ID: 7195Melissa McChesney2018-10-02
Amended Board Of Aldermen Packet 10 3 17 ID: 25967Melissa McChesney2017-10-02
Amended Board Of Aldermen Packet 12 18 18 ID: 20953Melissa McChesney2018-12-17
Amended Board Of Aldermen Packet 4 16 19 ID: 19237Melissa McChesney2019-04-15
Amended Board Of Aldermen Packet 4 4 17 ID: 23563Melissa McChesney2017-04-03
Amended Board Of Aldermen Packet 7 18 17 ID: 23794Melissa McChesney2017-07-17
Amended Motion - 5c1 ID: 30605Melissa McChesney2015-07-21
Amended Work Session Packet 1 17 17 ID: 19616Melissa McChesney2017-01-12

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