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I forgot to mention you could also watch the video recording of the Sept. 11th hearing to write down the names and addresses stated. Also, Shakedra should have the sign-in sheet that has the addresses and correct spelling of names written down on.


From: Stephen Lachky
Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2018 3:24 PM
To: Brad Stanton
Cc: Shakedra Knight
Subject: Task


Shakedra and I have scanned copies of our notes taken during the public hearings last night, and put the copies on your desk. Sometime over the next week or so can you compile a summary of public comments provided -- preferably separated based on the specific I-435 development quadrant? It would be much appreciated. Per the Board of Aldermen's request I would provide in parentheses the individuals' addresses and identify whether or not the address is within the City of Parkville or Unincorporated Platte County. Let me know if you have any questions. Here are a couple of examples of what to write based on summaries of public comments from previous development projects; they can be short and a couple paragraphs vs. writing everything verbatim:


Members of the public spoke at both the April 11th and May 9th public hearings and provided comments citing concerns related to a) traffic congestion and safety; b) community character and quality of life (i.e., encroaching on the Parkville Heights neighborhood); c) noise and lighting; d) deliveries and trash pickups; and e) location of proposed restaurant buildings. Other members of the public stated they have no traffic and safety concerns on N Melody Ln. and that issues can be resolved by obeying the traffic laws; as well as stating the development team is highly qualified, the development is attractive and will make a significant investment to the Parkville community. Members of the Planning Commission then asked final questions related to grading and drainage from N Melody Ln. into the site. The applicant stated their desire is to have infrastructure constructed by the summer of 2018 and have phases of the full development completed by the end of 2018.


Annette Hagen (xxxxxxxxxx, Parkville, MO) stated she owns a 4-plex rental property across the street and has concerns about the proposed multimodal transportation improvements along MO-Hwy 9, and location of the proposed pedestrian crosswalk. Stephen Lachky, Community Development Director, explained per the Route 9 Corridor Study that the 10 foot shared-use-path would only be on the east side of the highway along the frontage of Six at Park and that the sidewalks on the west side along the 4-plex rental property would remain or be upgraded per Americans with Disability Act standards if needed. He also said staff would need to work with the Missouri Department of Transportation to determine the final location of the crosswalk. Ms. Hagen also asked if a dedicated bicycle lane was still being considered along the highway and Lachky replied that the Route 9 Corridor Study recommended removing it off of the roadway and integrating this into the 10 foot shared-use-path.

Ms. Hagen had concerns about the brightness of the decorative street lights and asked staff to do whatever they can to reduce their brightness. Lachky replied that the City received similar concerns when the first phase of decorative street lights were installed along MO-Hwy 9 into downtown Parkville and that staff can work with its Public Works Department and Kansas City Power & Light to adjust the brightness and solve any issues. Stephen also noted the applicant's photometric plan (see Attachment 4.D) and how it denotes the light levels and their footprint throughout the development.

Stephen Lachky, AICP, CFM

Community Development Director | City of Parkville

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