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Thank you Stephen - that's helpful! Information I can share with the MSPA Board.

I aporecaiate the details.


On Thursday, November 1, 2018, Stephen Lachky wrote:


Thank you for attending the meeting the other night! I know the Parkville EDC appreciates everyone staying so late. Anyway, I was out of the office yesterday but see your e-mail. Regarding retail on Main St., there isn't a requirement for a percentage of space that must be retail. I met in-person with Wendy back in September, and she told me her intention is to actually expand her retail space footprint in the new building, and expand her retail selection due to current space constraints in her existing building. She also intends to add a partition wall for therapy sessions in the back of the building for handicapped individuals who can't access the upstairs since there's no elevator in the building. Attached as a PDF is a letter Wendy drafted for the Planning and Zoning Commission on November 13th. Our Development Code allows non-retail uses and accessory residential uses on the first floor of buildings (either through attached units or partition walls), as long as the ground-level street-front has retail.

We can certainly discuss this at the public hearing next month. The Code doesn't dictate a certain percentage of space reserved for retail, just states how the storefront level on the ground-floor should be retail. The retail ordinance references the storefront environment, and I believe Wendy plans to add signage and put information in the windows so pedestrian traffic is aware of their retail merchandise. Also, I believe Wendy is going to construct a glass partition wall, so patrons can see the handicapped studio in the back. Again, our Code doesn't go into detail regarding solid partition walls vs. glass see-through partitions walls, and whether or not one over the other best exemplifies the Code's intention. Feel free to call me if you have any questions, as I imagine we'll discuss a lot of these in great detail next month on November 13th.


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Hi Stephen -

You did a wonderful job last night at the Board of Alderman meeting!

I have a question pertaining to retail at the street level on Main Street. Is there a requirement of how much space is occupied by retail - a % of the total square footage? I am hearing that Wendy from Om Prana Yoga is saying she is going to have 'little retail' and that most of her ground level will be for her yoga therapy sessions. This concerns me and was not my initial impression after talking to her. I am going to meet with her again to inquire, but wanted to know if there was a specific requirement, other than "creating an active pedestrian environment".

Thank you!


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