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Thank you for calmly and rationally sharing your opinions without a hint of emotion. Feel free to email me or call me with more anytime.


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From: Nan Johnston Sent: Monday, March 11, 2019 5:27 PMTo: Debbie Topi ; Joe Parente ; Ivan Foley ( ) Cc: Marc Sportsman - Personal Email ; Robert Lock ; Dave Rittman ; Tina Welch- Personal Email ; Philip Wassmer - Personal Email ; Brian Whitley ; Doug Wylie ; Greg Plumb ; Dagmar ; Ronald Schieber ( ) ; John Elliott ( ) Subject: RE: questions for article

You have not been interested in running fair and balanced articles in the past, one wonders why you are starting now. Almost none of what I tell you gets reported. For example, see attached just one out of numerous statements I have made to you in which fair and balanced was completely disregarded.

Instead of Mr Maki driving the story, why don't you do some real investigative journalism instead of reporting only on his allegations?

The city has NOT sent Mr Maki a bill for $19,000 for sunshine requests.

Your reporting last week that I had ethics violations reported against me was blatantly unfair. I could have told you that Mr Maki filed false charges and the ethics commission did not conduct an investigation. Instead - you went ahead and printed it without any kind of notice to me because it makes headlines and you and your editor have no interest in the truth. False - completely and utterly false - as in other false charges Mr Maki has made, and your ``newspaper has reported. You would think with the expensive political strategist, Jeff Roe's Axiom Strategies, that they could have pointed this fact out to Mr Maki before the false accusations were made. Perhaps they did point out to him that he could make those assertations because they don't have to be true when speaking about a public official.

The advantages of the City using Property tax CID to pay for the land is that it ensures the taxpayers are reimbursed for the City's investments made in the both the land and infrastructure improvements. This is what is FAIR to Parkville taxpayers. Only the owners of the property are paying the CID assessments, not the residents of Parkville.

Mr Maki can say all he wants about us stalling until after the election. The TIF commission recently heard an application for the development, and we certainly did not wait until after the election for it to come forward. When it is ready, it will come before the Board of Aldermen, regardless of where we are with the election cycle. As far as any other incentives, we haven't approved any other than what has already been reported. Which will be misconstrued, I'm sure into we are doing secret deals.

Several months ago, Mr Maki started his threats, at least one of which was reported by this newspaper, his threat of many sleepless night ahead for me and the Board of Aldermen, and you have reported his contorted view ever since. WE are sleeping fine, Mr Maki, Ms Topi, and Mr Foley. Because despite your efforts to slander us, we are doing the right thing and refuse to be bullied.

Mr Maki and ``Citizens for a Better Parkville is a farce. Anyone who claims to love their community, does not begin by tearing it down. Get the facts.

From: Debbie Topi Sent: Monday, March 11, 2019 11:11 AMTo: Joe Parente ; Nan Johnston Subject: questions for article

Mr. Parente and Mayor Johnston,

In the interest of writing fair, balanced articles, I have some questions about two issues regarding Creekside development.

What are the advantages to the city of Brian Mertz using CID money to pay for the portion of the development area currently owned by the city? How much land is it and approximately where (in terms of the proposed development), is it located?

--I know cities sometimes give land to developers and wondered how this is different/better?

--I thought I remembered city statements that CID money was to be used for infrastructure. Am I wrong?

--Will more incentives be granted for the development? If so, which ones?

--Jason Maki said he received a letter in which the city has billed him $19,000 to fulfill remaining Sunshine requests. Mr. Parente, you earlier had stated the city would not bill him for the $19,000 and mention of that figure at a board of aldermen meeting was simply to let the public know how much time/money was being spent filling the numerous requests. Why is the city now charging him?

--Mr. Maki said he believes the city is stalling until after the city's election. Is there any truth to this theory?

Thank you in advance for your input.

Debbie Topi

The Landmark