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As a follow-up, attached are PDFs of various preliminary development plans for the southeast and northwest quadrants of the intersection of I-435 and MO-Hwy 45 in Parkville, Mo. which were recently approved by our Board of Aldermen on November 6, 2018.


From: Stephen Lachky
Sent: Tuesday, November 20, 2018 12:31 PM
Subject: Parkville, Mo. I-435 and MO-Hwy 45 Lot V


It was a pleasure meeting with you and Imran (I hope I'm spelling his name correctly) yesterday at Parkville City Hall. As a summary per our conversation, Imran is interested in acquiring the Lot V property out at the intersection of I-435 and MO-Hwy 45 in Parkville, Mo. with the desire to construct a Gas Station - General (5 to 16 pumps) use. The subject property is currently zoned ``BP Business Park District (see attached PDF Parkville Zoning Map [2017])and if developed under that zoning designation, his proposal functions as a ``Major Site Plan per Section 403.060 of our Development Code, and yesterday's meeting serves as your pre-application meeting with staff. Below is a summary of our conversation and next steps required:

Existing Conditions - NID

Our records indicate Grounded Properties, LLC, an affiliate of the Bank of Blue Valley, is the owner of Tract V (3.48 acres, more or less; see attached PDF titled 1- Map of Tracts). Please be aware that the property resides within the Brush Creek Sewer Drainage Neighborhood Improvement District (NID), which was created in 2006 in order to fund costs for sanitary sewer extension service via the Platte County Regional Sewer District (PCRSD) to various properties around the I-435 corridor. I've attached an FAQ Word docx. file that contains answers for common questions related to the NID, as well as the NID assessments of approximately $1,200 per acre per year over the 20-year life of the bonds. I've also attached an Excel spreadsheet file showing the Platte County parcel numbers, acreage, owners and assessments to be paid per year for properties within the NID. Collections for these assessments began in 2015 and run through 2034.

Existing Conditions - ``BP Business Park District

As stated above, the property is currently zoned ``BP Business Park District. Standards and requirements for this district are in our Title IV - Development Code, Section 406.030. In the past, the design and performance standards listed in subsection B. have prohibited development on the property. The ``BP district permits Gas Station - General (5 to 16 pumps) which is defined as, ``A retail use engaged in the sale of fuel and other convenience goods to the general public, and may include accessory repair or maintenance services. The use is limited to no more than 16 fueling stations and no more than 4 garage service bays. Examples include a small convenience center or large gas station. This use would also permit a convenience store in conjunction with a gas station use.

Major Site Plan Process

Because the subject property is already zoned for development, the next step would be submitting an Application for Major Site Plan. Per Table 403-1: Procedures Summary of our Development Code, the process for approval requires the application b presented to our Planning and Zoning Commission and approved by them. The Commission meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 5:30 p.m. at Parkville City Hall, and their schedule of dates and application submittal deadlines are available through this hyperlink.

Contents and Review Criteria

Per our Development Code, you'll need to submit plans for the project showing the arrangement of buildings, pedestrian and vehicle access, site design, lighting and landscaping. The Planning and Zoning Commission reviews Major Site plans according to the following criteria:

1. In general, any site plan in compliance with all requirements of this code shall be approved.

2. In making a determination of compliance, or for site plans accompanying any discretionary review or administrative relief, the review body shall consider whether:

a. The site is capable of accommodating the buildings, proposed use, access and other site design elements required by this code and will not negatively impact the function and design of rights-of-way or adjacent property

b. The design and arrangement of buildings and open spaces is consistent with good planning, landscape design and site engineering principles and practices.

c. The architecture and building design uses quality materials and the style is appropriate for the context considering the proportion, massing, and scale of different elements of the building.

d. The overall design is compatible to the context considering the location and relationships of other buildings, open spaces, natural features or site design elements.

e. Whether any additional site-specific conditions are necessary to meet the intent of the zoning district or the intent and design objectives of any of the applicable development standards.

3. The application meets the criteria for all other reviews needed to build the project as proposed.

4. The recommendations of professional staff.

Traffic Impact Study

Our Public Works Department, led by our Public Works Director, Alysen Abel ( ), is responsible for determining whether proposed development projects will adversely impact the function of the transportation network in the vicinity of the site; and can request an access management study or traffic impact study be prepared. Our Public Works Department may require the following: 1) A new traffic impact study be completed with calculations based on the revised number of units and site design/layout to ensure proper transportation improvements are provided; or 2) A traffic engineer/consultant review a previous traffic impact study or counts conducted by another 3rd party, and provide a memo with recommendations based on any today's conditions and changes/improvements made since the study was issued. Please consult with Alysen regarding the traffic impact study requirements. Moreover, the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) will need to review any proposed access off of their MO-Hwy 45 facility. Please see the attached Utility Contacts Word docx. for their contact information.

Stormwater Management Study

Our Public Works Department will require a stormwater management study be submitted with calculations based on the development proposal, grading and site design/layout to ensure the following:

General Requirement. All sites shall provide improvement necessary to adequately handle stormwater. In areas already subject to a stormwater management plan at the block- or area scale as provided in Chapter 404, compliance with that plan shall satisfy the site design requirements. In all other cases, site specific best management practices shall be used to manage the peak flow, quantity and quality of stormwater run-off expected from development activity in manner that poses no significant impact on other sites compared to pre-development conditions.

B. Best Management Practices. In general, stormwater management should prioritize strategies that manage stormwater at the largest scale possible, strategies that infiltrate stormwater into the ground within or as close to the site as possible, and strategies that integrate stormwater functions into other site and landscape design elements. The appropriate strategy will be highly dependent on the surrounding natural systems, the presence of broader stormwater facilities, and the specific topography and soil conditions of the site. The following strategies should be used in descending order of preference to meet site-specific stormwater standards.

1. Integration into a district, area, or block storm water management plan.

2. Constructed wetlands that mimic retention, filtration and infiltration of natural systems.

3. Infiltration systems and porous materials that infiltrate runoff into the ground.

4. Filtration systems that use natural materials to slow, filter and convey stormwater to other systems.

5. Retention areas that capture and store runoff in permanent ponds, provided they are designed as an amenity to the site or vicinity.

6. Detention ponds or detention vaults that capture and store runoff temporarily, but serve little other purpose on the site.


If the Application for Major Site Plan is approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission, the next step is to submit an Application for Permit with structural and building plans to our Building Official, Paul Giarratana ( ). You will also need to acquire a Grading & Land Disturbance Permit and a Public Improvement Permit from our Public Works Department. Depending on the amount of area disturbed, erosion control surety / performance maintenance bond may be required. Additional controls may be required If you'd like to begin site work at-risk, please contact and coordinate with our Public Works Director, Alysen Abel ( ). Also, be aware the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MoDNR) prohibits tree clearing from April 1st-September 30th due to an endangered bat species habitat in southern Platte County, Mo.


Submittal Date

Grading & Land Disturbance Permit

Anytime (but at-risk if before approval of Major Site Plan)

Public Improvement Permit

Anytime (but at-risk if before approval of Major Site Plan)

Building Permit

After approval of Major Site Plan

Other Information

I should also let you know that on November 6, 2018 the City of Parkville Board of Aldermen approved Ordinances No. 2974 for Creekside Commons, a planned commercial development consisting of hotel, restaurant, gas station, pharmacy/medical office, general retail, outdoor recreation and cemetery uses on 82.75 acres (more or less), directly across from Tract V on the northwest quadrant of the intersection of I-435 and MO-Hwy 45 (see attached PDF). I can provide you more detail about these developments in a subsequent e-mail. The developer of the projects is Parkville Development 140, LLC which is led by Brian Mertz. Below is his contact information:

Brian Mertz

PC Homes, LLC


Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!

Stephen Lachky, AICP, CFM

Community Development Director | City of Parkville

8880 Clark Ave. | Parkville, MO 64152

t. 816-741-xxxx |