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Thanks, Mayor. Not your fault. When you said that you are Diane were working to spruce up the front door, I thought that was great. It was my fault for not thinking through the maintenance implications and consulting with staff. Lesson learned. In any event, we'll work it out. They do make a nice impression at the entrance.

From: Nan Johnston - Personal Email
Sent: Wednesday, July 22, 2015 5:00 PM
To: Lauren Palmer; Diane Driver - Personal Email
Cc: Alysen Abel
Subject: RE: City Hall trees

They are planted in smaller pots within the larger pots. The soil is probably not compacted enough to support the inner smaller pot. They should probably be planted directly into the larger pot. I am sorry this has become a maintenance issue. Next year perhaps Diane and I can locate a spot on the lawn next to the sidewalk and it can be connected to the irrigation system.

From: Lauren Palmer [ ]
Sent: Wednesday, July 22, 2015 1:41 PM
To: Diane Driver - Personal Email
Cc: Alysen Abel; Nan Johnston - Personal Email
Subject: City Hall trees


Can you provide Alysen with the vendor's maintenance recommendations for the two new trees/plants at the north entrance to City Hall, or remind us of the species so we can investigate ourselves? Bob Fluchel commented that the tree sagging is likely the result of overwatering. For a while we didn't have anyone watering; now I fear we have too many cooks in the kitchen. At our staff meeting this week, several admitted that they had been watering the plants or witnessed several others take a turn. I'm sure the on-again, off-again rain storms are a contributing factor, too. We just want to communicate to the staff about responsibilities and maintenance standards.



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