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Thank Lauren and David for your responses.

I understand (and I remember the issues). I certainly don't have a vote, but I would like to keep my Ward 3 representatives informed as to the position of (at least one of) their constituents.

As you are all aware, this was a concept that I raised over and over during my tenure on the BOA, and I realize that I sounded then (as I do now) like a broken record. Maybe I just see this issue as being far more serious and/or far more real than some of the leaders of the City (and I am aware that there are some Aldermen who appreciate the gravity of the issue). We may really be sorry that we don't have that $40,000 (sadly, now $10,000) later, particularly when it is coupled with all of the other $10,000 expenditures that we will be second guessing when we get that first NID bill that we can't pay. At that point, we won't care one bit about what one entrance to Parkville looks like. We will be wondering how we are going to maintain our infrastructure, plow our streets, provide basic city services and deal with inevitable emergencies (without any remaining emergency reserve).

Also, I remember the Magellan issue well. My apologies if the City has already asked Magellan, but unless we have done so, I don't think we know for sure if they would allow us to use those funds to backstop NID payments.

As to the design issues, I don't have the first clue as to the design, let alone the impact of the changes. But if the suggestion is that all of those changes can be made and not negatively impact the project, someone on that design team has a whole lot of explaining to do as to the proposal in the first place. If that is not the case, I think we are back to not getting what we really want, in which case, this resident would prefer we wait until we can afford the ``Cadillac project. Either way, it sure seems problematic.

Again, I am not presuming to put myself in the middle of City business, but rather letting the City leaders know the opinion of at least one Parkville resident.


Christopher J. Fisher
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From: Lauren Palmer [ ]
Sent: Tuesday, August 18, 2015 5:33 PM
To: Fisher, Christopher; David Jones ( ); Doug Wylie
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Thanks for cc'ing me. If I may, I'll just share a few clarifications.

It is true that the City has approximately $40,000 of local matching funds committed to this project. However, of that amount, we have already spent about $31,000 for design and survey work. Cancelling the project now would mean forfeiting that investment and would only save about $10,000.

The funding from Magellan was given in lieu of meeting city development requirements related to parks space and screening. The funding is restricted for landscaping, beautification, or other parks types uses, and it has to be used within the vicinity of the Magellan site. There may be other eligible uses, but this funding could not be redirected to the Emergency Reserve Fund or for general purposes.

I understand the concerns about the project value engineering, but I don't think it is as bad as you describe. The design team will be at the Board meeting tonight to justify the changes and address any concerns. It's not too late to incorporate more modifications if desired.

Thanks for sharing your input,


From: Fisher, Christopher [ ]
Sent: Tuesday, August 18, 2015 1:34 PM
To: David Jones ( ); Doug Wylie
Cc: Nan Johnston - Personal Email; Lauren Palmer
Subject: Board Meeting

Dave and Doug-

If you are inclined, you can let the Board know that you heard from a constituent today making the request that the City not spend our tax dollars on beautification projects right now. Conceptually, I don't have an issue with making the entrance to the city look good. However, with very expensive NIDs in active payment mode out on the West side of town with little or no real prospects for development anytime soon, it is beyond me that we are even discussing spending money on purely aesthetic projects.

To add insult to injury, it appears that this particular project has gone from the Cadillac the Board really wants to the Yugo it is willing to settle for. Notwithstanding that I think either is ill-conceived at this time, for my money, we should not be taking the project we really want to do, then cheapening it with inferior materials and amenities in order to fit it into some sort of budget category that you can live with. That is the definition of, ``We can't afford the project. I don't want to spend money on the project at all, but if we are going to do the project, let's wait until we have the money, then do it right.

As my Aldermen, I respectfully request your consideration and discussion of the foregoing as you are choosing whether or not to spend $40,000 (plus another $35,000 from Magellan - which, they would very likely allow us to allocate however we want at this point) tonight. I understand that there is a sizable grant out there right now that will pay for a large part of the cost, and that the grant may be lost if we don't use it. Just because something is on sale doesn't mean we should buy it. I hope my representatives have the fiscal restraint to let this one go and move that $40,000 (maybe less the Fewson amount) into our reserves to buy us another couple of weeks of weathering the incoming storm. Perhaps we should also be asking Magellan if they would be amenable to doing the same thing with the $35,000 that they were originally going to use to pay to screen the tanks.

The City needs to make some hard choices about its expenditures as it faces this impending crisis. This one seems like a no brainer.


Christopher J. Fisher

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