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My name is Molly Coble and I am a 42 year old Parkville resident. My older sister won Miss Parkville Days in the 80's. In fact my Mother swears that I would have won the younger girls division but the judges just couldn't see my number on my swimsuit, which was tucked under my arm. True story!

I have fond memories of Parkville Days as a child and I frequently take my daughter down to the dog parks, English Landing, and the Farmers Market in which my Dad, Bill Fraundorfer run. Saturday mornings start with a cup of coffee and a breakfast pastry at Parkville Coffee House. We walk our dog at the dog park, I go grab some fresh veggies from the farmers market, and my husband and daughter take time to play at English Landing. Some Saturday's we take our bikes down to ride along the river too. Good old family bonding. We love Parkville. The slower pace, the trains that come through, the Ma and Pa Shops, the vast trails, The Nature Sanctuary, and yoga in the park.

So when my husband and I built our first home, we knew Parkville was home. We built in 2015 at xxxxxxxxxx Parkville, MO 64152. My husband is a residential architect so this was going to be where we plant roots to raise our daughter. Thousand Oaks has a swim team, ponds to teach our kids to fish in, offers holiday programs like Cookies with Santa, has plenty of culdesac's for kickball games, and has many nature trails that are perfect for the avid jogger or just a scenic walk. This is why we chose to build here. We don't want to be near the traffic and business of commerce. That is also why I'm writing you today.

I do not understand why there is such a rush to push all this development so quickly in Parkville. Riss Lake has apartments buffering them on 45 Hwy. i hear they are getting even more apartments by the cemetery as well. This city is over flowing with apartments. We don't need any more.

Then the proposed 435 & 45Hwy MASSIVE Commercial area with hotels and fast food restaurants! What is happening in Parkville? That isn't Parkville! Parkville is slower paced, walk in shops, no drive through that bring in transient consumers! We don't want transient business near our residential areas. We don't want to invite in hotels and sex trafficking (which happens and it will) near our community of young families.

Nothing about hotels says PARKVILLE to me. Nobody says, ``oh ya, Parkville has a great McDonalds and Super 8! None of this is in line with what Parkville is. It just doesn't match up and the designed area is so over crowded that there is NO Park in Parkville.

The Park Hill School District over crowding is another problem that everyone in Parkville does not seem to comprehend. We have trailers for our kids to learn in. You may think the district is prepared, well they aren't.

What kind of people will we be attracting to these lower income housing next to fast food restaurants? Just think about that for a second. Think about how scrambled the whole design is. It could be a really cute Parkville like community with a Chicken and Pickle, quaint coffee shop, outdoor patio area restaurants where bands can play and our kids can play. I started it is concreted over without any charm close to what Parkville is.

Do not allow Parkville to be destroyed by a greedy Mayor. Make decisions based on your sense of community and love for what Parkville actually is. I'm not opposed to development, I'm opposed to THIS development without a concern for the neighborhoods it boarders nor the people who own part of the property in which this development will boarder.

Thank you for your time.

Molly Coble
Parkville, MO 64152

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