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Mayor et al,

The following is a list of hand-off items related to the 9 Highway CID.

Committee Meeting

I plan to schedule a meeting of the CID committee for next week on November 2 to (a) confirm final property transaction and (b) discuss starting petition collection process. I'll send an outlook announcement today.

Owner Contacts

The latest progress table with all of the property owner assignments is linked here: Z:\Economic Development\CID Community Improvement District\Route 9\Copy of Rte 9 CID Progress.xlsx

I intend to call or email all of my property contacts this week to give them an update and new contact information as follows:

· Kerns - Nan Johnston (Mayor, I know you expressed some reservations about the Kerns. I will let you know how my conversation goes this week then you can decide if you would rather refer it to someone else).

· Phillips 66 - Debbie Hopkins

· Carquest - Nan Johnston

· Walgreens - Nan Johnston

· Heritage (Cory Miller) - Mike Kellam

· Mid-Continent Public Library - just need to contact Senior Office Administrator Theresa Johnson when ready to execute petition - tjohnson@redacted.org

Petition Changes

The petition and signature pages are complete for the full district, assuming Gomer's stays in. The documents are linked below:

Final Petition and Signature Pages - Z:\Economic Development\CID Community Improvement District\Route 9\petition documents\FINAL PETITION - WITH GOMER'S

Before sending anything to print, I suggest having Stephen double check the following:

1. Confirm owner names for each parcel. We are aware of possible changes for the following properties.

a. Global Orphan Project

b. Gomers

2. Confirm acreage and assessed valuation (see yellow highlighted sections in petition). It's unclear when the county will reassess properties, especially QT. It may happen quickly following the grand opening. We just to make sure the petition matches.

3. If there are any changes in names, acreage, or assessed valuation, those need to be copied over on the affected signature page.

The Board of Aldermen will need to give approval for the Mayor to sign on behalf of the City. I plan to prepare that action and add it to the November 1 BOA agenda.

Signature Process

I talked with Melissa about creating user-friendly signature packets for every property that include the petition and supporting materials. Melissa can add ``sign here tabs and make it really easy for the committee members to get the proper paperwork back from property owners. She will be available to assist with notarization as needed. Toni Rizzuti in municipal court is also a notary if Melissa is unavailable.

Packets - Z:\Economic Development\CID Community Improvement District\Route 9\owner meetings\packet materials


If all of the signatures come back and the petition can be submitted on or before Thursday, November 10, 2016, we could stay on schedule to begin collecting revenues in the 3rd quarter (July 1, 2017). I think that is highly unlikely, which pushes everything to the last quarter of 2017 (October 1, 2017). The latest date to get a petition in to start 2017 4th quarter collections is January 31, 2017. That gives the group a nice cushion with the holiday approaching. The schedule with all of the associated steps is linked below. It has formulas built in for each adjustment as the timeline progresses.

Schedule - Z:\Economic Development\CID Community Improvement District\Route 9\Parkville CID Schedule.XLSX

Lauren Palmer, ICMA-CM

City Administrator

City of Parkville

8880 Clark Avenue

Parkville, MO 64152