Gary Gulden For Parkville Special Road District ID: 47579

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Hello all,

If you have any way to get the vote out for Gary Gulden for Parkville Road District Commissioner in your city's, please do so. This is a full 3 year term, by the way.

Gary is first on the ballot ahead of the other candidate also a Weatherby resident and current commissioner John Cookinham who has been on there for a year. I am concerned that the Hevalow crowd is going to be out there campaigning for John because of his voting record in their favor.

Thanks so much.

Steve Clark

Mayor Weatherby Lake

Just to keep you posted-
I did a Facebook on the WL site aksing for support for upcoming election. My guess is turnout will be very low but I'll keep my fingers crossed. Any help you give re: Riverside & Parkville mayors would help.
Hope you are well. Hopefully we are coming off of worst of this and haven't started too soon.