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Good morning. I received the below memo from Lisa McCormick at fox 4 yesterday. Did you all get simular copies?

I directionally support the banning of single use plastic items as outlined below ... but to my knowledge it has not come up at the City level yet ... and I am not sure we as a City could do that unilateraly.

Please review her note below ... assuming you all got simular memos, is the City going to respond?

Dave Rittman


From: McCormick, Lisa lisa.mccormick@redacted.com
Sent: Wednesday, November 6, 2019 10:12 AM
To: Dave Rittman
Subject: Questions from producer at WDAF-TV about banning plastic bags, straws, and styrofoam

Dear Alderman Rittman,

Good morning. My name is Lisa McCormick and I'm the investigative producer at WDAF Fox 4. I'm working on a story about how why Missouri hasn't -- as other states have done -- banned single-use plastic bags, plastic straws, and styrofoam. Maine, for example, recently became the first state in the country to ban styrofoam. (https://fox4kc.com/2019/05/01/maine-becomes-the-first-state-to-ban-styrofoam/) According to the Associated Press, Maine Governor Janet Mills called the bill an "important step forward in protecting our environment."

As you may know, more than 300 cities nationwide have banned plastic bags. Scores have also banned styrofoam.

I'm curious if Parkville -- a city overlooking the Missouri River that attracts thousands of tourists and visitors each year -- has considered banning those products? Or are the city's hands partially tied because of the 2015 bill that passed -- over former Governor Jay Nixon's veto -- that, among other actions, prevents local governments from imposing bans, fees, or taxes on paper or plastic bags?

Rep. Dan Shaul pushed for that legislation. This past session, Rep. Shaul tried to broaden that law by proposing legislation to prohibit cities from banning styrofoam, plastic straws, and from increasing taxes on those items to discourage their use. That bill (HB 271) was dropped from the calendar in May 2019.

For now, it appears Missouri cities can ban styrofoam and plastic straws and/or impose fees to discourage the use of those products. Given that, would you support a ban on those products in an effort to make Parkville more environmentally-friendly? An official in Maine told me many cities in his state pushed for the styrofoam ban because those products (and plastic bags) often ended up in the city's recycling stream and broke the equipment. That cost the cities a lot of money on repairs and manpower hours.

One final note, a Missouri lawmaker is introducing legislation in December to repeal Rep. Shaul's law that prohibits cities from banning single-use plastic bags and taxing those products to discourage their use. Would you support such legislation?

Please know I appreciate your time and insights.

Thank you.

All my best,

Lisa McCormick

Investigative Producer

FOX4 Working For You

3030 Summit St.

Kansas City, MO 64108

816-560-xxxx Cell



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