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From: Greg Plumb GPlumb@parkvillemo.gov
Sent: Thursday, August 29, 2019 4:25 PM
To: Joe Parente JParente@parkvillemo.gov ; Nan Johnston NJohnston@parkvillemo.gov ; Chris Williams cwilliams@redacted.com
Subject: Fw: Parkville Corruption

Please see the e-mail I received and my response.

Greg Plumb

Alderman, Ward 4

City of Parkville



From: Greg Plumb
Sent: Thursday, August 29, 2019 4:22 PM
To: Katie Wilson
Subject: Re: Parkville Corruption

Thank you for your message.

Unfortunately, I do not have the authority to conduct a criminal investigation or file criminal charges. That would be Eric Zahnd, Platte County Prosecuting Attorney, phone number 816-858-xxxx Of course, he cannot file charges without evidence under oath of criminal activity.

I did find it interesting that Nan Johnston did all you accuse her of doing, since she does not vote, unless there is a tie among the aldermen. There have been no ties dealing with the many public hearings and public votes on this development. You can see the recordings of over 15 hours of public meetings on this development on the Parkville City website - parkvillemo.gov.

With respect to Mr. Mertz, I suggest you talk with the long-time residents of southern Platte County about he and his family, since he has lived here most of his life.

By the way, the citizens of Parkville (not those living in unincorporated Platte County using Parkville as their mailing address), have spoken, in April re-electing Nan Johnston to another term as mayor.

Greg Plumb

Alderman, Ward 4

City of Parkville



From: Katie Wilson KatieWilson098@redacted.com
Sent: Wednesday, August 28, 2019 9:19 AM
To: Greg Plumb
Subject: Parkville Corruption


I was at an event recently in Johnson County. The topic of corruption in KC Metro came up and someone said, "Parkville is now probably the most corrupt municipality in the KC metro," which the email I received this morning confirms (see below). Under Nan Johnston, developers have basically been given free rein to rape Parkville. It's a sad day indeed.

I ask that you do the right thing and oppose this corruption. I ask that you do the following three things:

1) Commence a complete criminal investigation of Nan Johnston and her associates.

2) Commence a complete criminal investigation of Brian Mertz and Douglas Owens.

3) Halt all construction on the shady 45 / 435 deal until all investigations are finished. If it is found that Nan Johnston did violate MEC laws, then this project needs to be cancelled. Let's start over and do it right and ethically.

Please, do the right thing. Stand against corruption. Stand with the people of Parkville.



Everyone read this about the deep corruption of the Parkville mayor relating to the 45 / 435 development: