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Can you help me update the FAQs for our website?



From: Joe Parente
Sent: Friday, August 31, 2018 10:53 AM
To: Nan Johnston NJohnston@parkvillemo.gov ; Stephen Lachky SLachky@parkvillemo.gov ; Melissa McChesney mmcchesney@parkvillemo.gov
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Subject: Re: 45/435

The document will be updated and reposted.

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From: Nan Johnston NJohnston@parkvillemo.gov

Date: 8/30/18 4:29 PM (GMT-06:00)

To: Joe Parente JParente@parkvillemo.gov , Stephen Lachky SLachky@parkvillemo.gov , Melissa McChesney mmcchesney@parkvillemo.gov

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Subject: 45/435

It was brought to my attention by one of the angry residents of Stone Gate and Thousand Oaks that the FAQs under the 45/435 contains incorrect information. It simply has not been updated, but the resident was quick to point out that our website claims there are no development applications pending, when it is clear there are.

I have been inundated with calls, letters, emails, etc. Could we please issue a new FAQ that specifically addresses this proposed development? Here are some of the issues I have been hearing:

Why is this development being pushed through so quickly?

Why didn't you allow for public input on what will be put there?

Why is all this retail planned when there are major shopping districts nearby and Zona Rosa is in trouble?

Why are you putting crummy motels in this area?

Why put all those hotels and motels in when there are already so many up by the airport?

Why are you putting apartments and low-cost housing in near $700,000 homes? It is inconsistent with the rest of the area.

The developer builds sub-par homes in areas nearby. Why do you want to put those same type of homes here?

How is the school district supposed to handle all the additional children? Union Chapel school already has mobile units due to overcrowding.

Why are you building more apartments when all those apartments: The Denton, Burlington Creek, Northland Passage, and the brand-new ones all along 45 hwy are only half full?

And finally, ... my favorite - Why doesn't the City turn this area into a park?

Since most of these people are not Parkville residents, they do not have any elected representation and I am becoming bogged down with trying to reply to all of them. Do you have any suggestions on how to handle? I really don't want to ``hand them off to staff, which will inflame them only further.

It's clear they have been all given selected tidbits of the information regarding the development - no one has mentioned the baseball complex for example and they are all referencing motels. They are repeating similar comments regarding the developer and overall concerns with the development.

I have received s couple of voice mails regarding this development. Is it possible to translate them into written form to add to the emails and letters for the Plan Commission and the BOA to consider?


nan Johnston

Mayor, City of Parkville MO

8880 Clark Ave

Parkville, MO 64152