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Mayor, Board, and Staff,

Last week I sent a meeting request via Meeting Wizard to check your availability for possible dates this summer to conduct a goal-setting session. This is just a friendly reminder to complete the survey. I have four responses already - thank you.

It may be that the automated email from Meeting Wizard is trapped in your spam filter. If so, please just respond directly to me via email with your availability for the times listed below:

· Wednesday, July 6

· Thursday, July 7

· Friday, July 8

· Monday, July 18

· Thursday, July 21

· Friday, July 22

The primary objectives are to establish short- and long-term goals to help the staff prepare a proposed 2017 budget and work plan that reflects Board priorities. Since it has worked well to do this as a full-day session in the past, I am hoping to schedule as far in advance as possible to avoid work and vacation conflicts. Details will follow once a location is selected and the agenda finalized. If you have ideas about a good location, please let me know.

Thanks - let me know if you have questions,


Lauren Palmer, ICMA-CM

City Administrator

City of Parkville

8880 Clark Avenue

Parkville, MO 64152